What Does a White Rose Symbolize?Here are the Facts!

When it comes to proposing, what kind of thing that appears in your mind first? Is it the flower bouquet that usually becomes the starter pack besides the ring? If so, you do not get it wrong. A flower bouquet, in the first place, is one of the best gift ideas for many occasions, and we do believe almost all of you agree that red roses take part in it. However, how about another color of roses, for example, a white rose? Is it contains the same symbolism as the red ones? Let’s unveil the truth!

History of a white rose

As one of the herbs that are beneficial for daily life, a flower can represent many things. Besides its beautiful appearance, this plant that blooms for a specific period of time also has meaning behind it. Furthermore, for one species, the meaning can be different from one color to another color. Roses are not the exception.

Roses have been acknowledged as the most special ones in many people’s hearts. Since this type is pretty popular all over the world, it’s always associated with red color. You may see it on many occasions, most importantly at romantic events.

The color of a rose is not mere red only. Further than that, this species also has the white version whose gorgeousness is as same as the red ones. Roses come in many colors, each portraying a different emotion.

Before unveiling the truth behind the symbolism of the white roses, it’s necessary to know a bit about its history, so the meaning can be more dramatic where originally, this plant appeared in 14th century England.

At that time, the War of the Roses has just begun. This war involved the Duke of York and the Lancaster family. The use of a white rose was to symbolize each participant. The Duke’s family was the white rose, meanwhile, the Lancaster family was the red rose.

The popularity of this beautiful bloom stays continued. Much later, Queen Victoria was the one who made it more popelar as she used it while walking down the aisle in 1840 with the set of white roses in her hand.

White roses meaning

Talking about the meaning of flowers, you may meet things you never heard before. Yup, flowers are not only limited to their appearance but also can stand for specific meaning. In roses, the meaning can be varied.

We all know that red roses are perfect to portray romanticism. However, how about the white ones? This color is great to symbolize purity, true love, and feminine beauty. This is what makes its appearance it’s pretty common in wedding ceremonies.

The color’s meaning is also associated with womanhood. No surprise that most women love this color as a gift from their special someone.

What does a white rose symbolize?

Apart from its beautiful meanings, this “perfect for a gift” plant in appealing bloom can mean many different symbols. It depends on when it’s being received. Ensure that you know the message before sending it to your beloved ones to avoid misleading.

  1. Symbolism at weddings

Flowers are always related to the joy of life. When it comes to wedding parties, the appearance of flowers is almost anywhere since they are perfect to represent happiness. White roses symbolize the young love of the bride. These petals can carry the message of loyalty, purity, and innocence. The color focuses on the new relationship between the newly married couple.

This color is also great for other important people in your life, not limited to your love partner only. You can give those petals to your close family member or even those who support you during difficult times. Why do we suggest you? This is because the color also represents the appreciation for a kind-hearted person.

  1. Symbolism at funerals

Do you ever attend someone’s funeral? If so, you might see white roses at a funeral. Not only to portray happiness, but flowers also come to show a feeling of sorrow. They pretty resemble, especially roses in white because of the representation of purity they have. The use of the petals is like a way to tell others that those who passed away are on their way departed to Heaven.

During a difficult time, white roses act as a medium to bring peace to the grieving family. That’s why you may see them at funerals.

  1. Symbolism at graduation parties

White roses are also great to represent the new beginning of a journey. Because of this, the existence of the beautiful blooms can be seen at a graduation party. Unlike their symbolism at funerals, this flower representation in someone’s graduation carries a lot of hope and positive energy, and you are there to support them.

Can I get white roses in Singapore?

Knowing that this flower type fits well with many occasions, it’s not that difficult to get some when you live in Singapore. Roses Singapore is easy to find. Many florists offer it, either offline or online-based. It’s such a good option for you who want to gift someone a bouquet with a message behind it, depending on the occasion.