Yes, this is a question asked by many people, whether buying or selling gold or other pieces to Brisbane pawnbrokers. So we want to share this critical information by answering the question here. Firstly, several factors can affect the price offered for selling gold jewellery and the turnaround time for selling the item in a showroom. These include the appraisal value, online pricing database, market value, original retailing price, condition of the goods, and the amount of that item in stock. 

How do Pawnbrokers Land on That Appraisal Number 

When you visit a pawn shop to pawn gold jewellery, the appraisal determines the offer you receive. But, first, the dealer will take the item to compare it with similar things and the going price on them. Hence, it comes down to the condition, current need, and rarity of the item itself on the open market. 

At that time, the pawnshop checks the gold purity, weight, and the current market price for the precious metal to give you a buyback offer. Still, even if your jewellery is broken, they will offer you a value for scrap gold, making it worth your while. 

Looking at The Value Database

Gone are days of checking published columns or blue books as in the pre-internet times. Those days it was the baseline number to determine the value of an item. With modern online databases updated regularly, all the information is accessible via the internet for pawnbrokers to use. 

With the data, they can provide you with accurate and real time value when determining the pricing of jewellery and more. Hence, you need not wait for selling your gold as you will receive an estimate on the spot to walk out the door with money in your hand. 

Sometimes Pawnbrokers Consult Specialists 

There are times when you bring in a valuable or a collectable gold coin on rare occasions. However, you may find that the staff cannot provide you with a fair evaluation and will bring in a specialist to help. These items can include antiques, vintage jewellery, to historical objects. 

The same applies when it comes to sentimental value and actual value. Brisbane pawnbrokers do not factor in sentimental value as you have an attachment to the item and do not want to transfer it to a new owner. 

Doing this will help you when you pawn gold for a cash loan instead of selling. In some cases, a higher valuation is offered for this reason. In addition, when you build a relationship with your local pawnshop, it can help you get better deals. 

If you work with them, you often get a better loan leaving your items as collateral. 

Are You Ready to Pawn or Sell Your Gold Jewellery Today 

If you are, give your local pawnbroker in town a call or head over to their shop with your item. They are more than happy to provide you with an estimate and make you an offer. They buy and sell different things, including gold coins, gold bars, jewellery, etc.