Why Does A Canine Lick Human Body?

If your dog is licking you, the simple meaning is that it’s showing love and affection towards you. They may like to clean you up or bond as their mothers did with them while they were young pups. Likewise, canines licking you signify their respect and admiration for you as their leader. Licking is also a sensory investigation for your canine and lets them discover more about you and your taste.

Also, you must know that a puppy licks itself for different reasons. For instance, a furry baby may compulsively lick itself to get rid of dead skin cells, clean a wound, relieve itching, groom, beat stress, anxiety, boredom, and other concerns. Keep all your dog medicines handy at your home so that in any case of medical emergency you can give them immediate first aid at home.

Notice the canine fur baby’s behavior and take them to the vet if needed. Pet insurance covers diagnosis, treatment, and medications during non-routine vet visits and health emergencies. At the same time, the best pup insurance supports a puppy with comprehensive health coverage, including particular dog treatments and dental conditions.

Consider buying a pet policy so providing a furry little one with quality medical care need not be expensive. In the meantime, please read this article to learn why a puppy might lick on specific body parts of its human companion.

Where do puppy usually lick

1. Hands

Humans use their hands to touch and feel things. While they engage with many items in their daily lives, like food, perfumes, soaps, etc., their hands pick up the odours of those items. Now, a canine fur baby can be interested in sniffing its human parent’s hands to get clues about their activities. Puppies will be fascinated to know some of the things its owner did during the day, like interacting with other creatures, munching on tasty treats, and more. The other reason could be that human palms sweat, leaving a salty taste on the skin that a furry canine pet may enjoy licking.

2. Face

Some pet owners touch their faces or hair often; it could be one reason their furry counterparts might be keen on licking those areas. Plus, a puppy might like to taste the salty flavors on its owner’s cheeks, nose, and forehead, where they usually sweat. A four-pawed companion might not spare its human parent’s lip too. Apart from this logical explanation, we can confidently say a few puppy behaviors are at play when they lick, whether humans or other creatures. For instance, dogs lick each other’s faces to display affection, groom, and submissively communicate.

3. Ears

A puppy’s ear canals secrete a fluid that blends with the natural bacteria on its skin to emit distinctive scents. Plus, a puppy can find the ear wax odour enticing, which is why they respond with a lick or two.

4. Feet

A puppy may lick its human parent’s sweaty feet soles because of the accumulation of salts in that region. When a puppy licks, the owner might respond with smiles and laughs due to the tingling sensations at the bottom of their feet. It won’t take long before a canine furry baby realizes that both are having fun, which is why they can consider amping up the game.

5. Legs

It could be the water droplets or the scents of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, soap, shaving cream after bath, body lotions/sunscreen applied, body salt deposits on the skin after exercise etc., that attracts a puppy’s attention.

Should I Stop My Dog Licking so Much?

Many people enjoy all the love and affection their pups receive and have no issue with it, so it’s mostly an individual’s preference. You should stop your dog from licking you only if it gets excessive and out of control or if the licking is because of stress or anxiety. As your dogs roam outside the house, too, they sometimes lick a few things and even fleece of humans and themselves that carry germs and might be harmful and infectious to human skin.

It is best for puppy owners don’t let their fur babies lick their hands, feet, or other places where they have applied chemical creams, lotions, or ointments to avoid pet poisoning. We wish such a thing wouldn’t happen to furry people; however, if it does happen, contact the nearest pet emergency clinic or the vet for medical guidance.

Pet insurance covers a fur baby for accidents, injuries, falls, allergies, health emergencies, and more. Consider purchasing the best dog medicine to take the undue stress of the finances involved in getting a furry baby that requires medical help in unexpected times like these and many others.