White Water Rafting Kolad – A Healthy Way of Exploring Nature

Rafting is an adventurous sport that is performed by diving into rivers. You sit on your rubber boat with other team members, fight with the rapids of the river, and use your complete strength to cross. It looks scary in the beginning, but as time goes on, you get to experience the most thrilling adventure of your life.

If you live near Mumbai or Pune, you can experience white water rafting in Kolad. It is done on the river Kundalika, where an inflatable raft carries 4 to 8 people through the rapids of the river. It is done under the guidance of an experienced guide, with complete safety and precautions. You are asked to wear your safety gear, initial training is provided, and an expert stays with you on the boat for guidance during the sport.

White water rafting is an exciting adventure sport that also has numerous health benefits. People enjoy the sport, form great bonds with the team members, and enjoy the perks of various health benefits.

Let us know about some of the health benefits to encourage you to try this sport at least once in your lifetime.

  1. This activity is always performed in groups. All the team members work together and use their strength to cross the rapids of the river. This is the reason it is considered a great team-bonding activity as well. The families that remain together but still stay disconnected due to their busy lives and excessive usage of smartphones can now bond with each other by participating in such activities. Many corporate organizations include this sport in their team-building activities to encourage the bond between their team members. White water rafting is an adventure activity that can only be completed through hard work, focus, dedication, and teamwork. When all these things work together, the team fights all the obstacles to accomplish the task and enjoys it to the fullest.
  2. A sense of accomplishment boosts your morale. When you fully concentrate on finding the right solution for fighting the rapids, no other thought occupies your mind. It is not as simple a task as it seems. When the water waves keep pushing your raft in different directions, it can be quite intimidating. Continue to overcome the obstacles, and crossing the river without incident is a satisfying feeling. Once you complete the task, you start regaining your confidence. You are aware of your abilities and efficiency in dealing with life’s challenges.
  3. It is a physically challenging task that requires the complete strength of the upper body. When you keep paddling the raft through the waters, it strengthens your back, shoulders, arms, core, and even your brain. Rafters must be healthy and fit enough to carry out the task successfully. It is also a great cardio workout as you keep paddling the boat for hours.
  4. It also helps in improving the health of your brain by reducing the stress hormone in the body. The brain regains the energy and starts functioning better.

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