Which Indian B-schools Accept GMAT?


As MBA aspirants, you might already know how important entrance test scores are in deciding your admission into a business program. If you are planning to pursue an MBA from India, the two popular entrance exam options you have are CAT and GMAT. Though the CAT exam holds the title of most accepted MBA entrance test in India, a lot of Indian b-schools now accept GMAT scores as well. So, let’s see which Indian B-schools accept GMAT? And, when should you start applying for GMAT 2022? Read on to find out. 


Indian B-schools Accepting GMAT Scores

Over the years, the GMAT has gained popularity and has become one of the parameters to check the eligibility of the candidates to the programs offered by the b-schools in India. Now, around 140 b-schools accept GMAT scores for admissions to their programs. However, some business programs in India still consider CAT scores for admission. Though the CAT scores are mainly used for MBA admissions, GMAT scores create a positive impact on your career trajectory as well. Recruiters from many top companies check your GMAT score to measure your knowledge in different areas. Hence, taking the GMAT exam can benefit you not only on an academic level but also in your profession as well. Now, let’s take a look at the GMAT cut off for the top b-schools in India. 


Name of the B-School GMAT Cut-off Score
Indian Institute of Management, Indore 700+
Indian School of Business (ISB) 710-740
Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore 700+
Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad 700+
Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta 685-700
Xavier School of Management (XLRI) 700
Institute of Management Technology 700-720
SP Jain Institute of Management and Research 690+
Great Lakes Institute of Management 600+
Management Development Institute (MDI) 660


The majority of the b-schools don’t mention the GMAT cut-off. Most of the data given above are based on the cutoff scores in the previous years. However, having an idea of cut-off will help you understand the competition you have and decide your preparation accordingly. 


When you plan to schedule a date for the exam, it is important to check the admission deadline for each college. This will give you an idea as to when you should apply for the exam. Besides, there are no specific GMAT 2022 dates as the exam can be taken any time of the year, based on your convenience and the availability of slots. 


To schedule a date for the exam, first, you have to create an account on the official website of GMAT — mba.com. Once you create an account, the next step is filling in the personal details, and then moving on to enter the optional information such as work experience and grades. After that, you can verify your profile, schedule the exam by selecting the date and examination centres and pay the registration fee. You can also do this via phone, fax, or mail. 


We hope now you have an idea about the b-schools that accept the GMAT scores in India and their cut-offs for admission. If you are taking the GMAT for pursuing an MBA in India, refer to the above table before starting the preparation, and ensure to check the other eligibility factors stated by the colleges. Good luck!


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