What is The Role Played by A Retail Architect? 

Looking for someone who can help you in the design and supervision of your commercial building? That person is a retail architect. Talking about the role played by a retail architect, this is the key performed by them. However, apart from this, they also have plenty of responsibilities to perform. To know more about the functions performed by retail architects Stendel + Reich, keep reading:

Job Responsibilities

A retail architect designs and resigns the spaces available in the commercial buildings. Here, commercial buildings may refer to a shopping mall, grocery store, or any buildings which are meant to be used for commercial purposes. Sometimes, they may also have to design the surrounding areas of the building, like the parking lot. 

As they design the building, the most important criteria that they have to keep in mind are accessibility and productivity. Also, they must keep both the client and the staff’s requirements in mind. They are well aware of the fact that space can serve different purposes to the client and the staff, and they need to keep these things straight from the very beginning. 

Maximizing Sales

A retail architect must keep sales in mind. As they design the spaces, they must know how to make use of the spaces to increase sales. The staff must be able to work efficiently in their planned design, or else sales may be affected due to the inefficient use of labor. Also, they need to keep the storage of the excessive stock in mind to ensure that there is no wastage of any items. 

Establishing An Identity

A retail architect makes use of unique materials while designing the building, and this interior can help the company build an identity of its own. They may use some unique flooring design or color combination for people to easily identify the store’s location. In this way, they play a significant role in establishing the identity of the company. 

Wrapping Up

However, mentioned above are some of the important roles in which a retail architect plays an important role. Retail architecture has gone through many phases in the last thirty years, and it is still going through an evolution. As a result of this, the role of the retail architect has changed a lot and is still changing. Now, let’s wait for what the future unveils.