What are hosting services? Why is it needed?

There are a number of hosting services that are available for organizations and individuals who want to host their own websites and web applications on the internet. Their main function is to provide the infrastructure and resources that are required in order to run a website or web application, such as servers, storage, and bandwidth.

Having hosting services is critical because, to be able to make your website or web application accessible to internet users and for them to be able to use it, the website or web application must be located on a server that is connected to the internet in order to be accessible. In order to take advantage of a hosting service, individuals and organizations can rent space on a server and make their website or web application available to users all around the world by renting space on a server.

There are a variety of result proven backend hosting available, such as shared hosting, VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting, dedicated hosting, and cloud hosting. Websites and web applications differ in their needs and requirements, so choosing the right hosting service will depend on those needs and requirements.

In the web development process, hosting services perform an important role as they provide a platform on which websites and web applications can be accessed by users in order to serve their needs.

Why is it needed?

The term web hosting refers to the delivery of websites and apps over the Internet.

There was a time when companies and individuals needed their own servers in order to host their websites in the early days of the Internet.

There has been a growing need for hosting providers to offer these services over the years as the web has grown, and it became untenable for site owners (webmasters) to run their own data centers in order to host their own sites. It is for this reason that web hosting is necessary.


A wide range of web hosting options are available—website owners should be aware of the benefits and drawbacks of each option before deciding on one. By using managed web hosting, organizations can reduce their internal IT expenses and eliminate the hassle of managing a website’s infrastructure personally.