Unbeatable Features Of Synology DS218

It is an excellent tool for businesses and home offices, and all the features make it worth an investment. We’re talking about the incredible Synology DS218 that makes the whole process seamless. Here are 5 unbeatable features that you need to know.

· Impressive File Management

It is a security management tool based on the web. Impressively the entire file management and sharing system is fast and easy. You can easily drag and drop operations. It’s a myth that you need a complex set of skills because, with Synology DS218, you can easily organize, manage and share your files. The DS218  supports various protocols for complete compatibility.

· Sync Your Files

You can access your data anytime and anywhere with the seamless approach of this system. You can assess your files on whatever platform you like when it’s well in place. It supports Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. You can easily sync your files and save storage space. You can easily retrieve previous versions when you share a file with your teammates. With the efficient sync system, you can also back up your files.

· Backup Made Easy

Since we live in a digital age, it’s essential to have a safe file backup. We all keep a backup of our pictures, contacts, and other relevant data. This system can back up your mobile phone, computer, or laptop. The best part is you can protect your system against malicious attacks. With the excessive use of the internet, viruses are widespread. Using the encryption-based system to keep a backup of your data, you can save it from ransomware, viruses, and unwanted privacy invasions.

·  Easy File Access

You don’t need technical knowledge or extensive devices to access your files. You can easily access your files over the internet without any complicated settings. You can easily access your files at no additional charge.

· Streaming On TV

Another impressive feature is that you can stream your content to your TV. You can assess your data on any device and stream it on the computer, mobile phone, and TV, Google Chromecast, and DLNA devices.


Whatever works, it’s essential to keep the stress levels to a minimum? Organization is integral to every activity; improper organization contributes to chaos without proper organization. Undoubtedly, this leads to confusion and hampers the work quality and environment. Investing will benefit your enterprise. An investment like this is worth it!