Twitter will restrict use of -factor authentication on text messages to paid subscribers

Twitter has tweeted the BNN news stating that as of March 20, Twitter Blue subscribers can use text messages with two-factor authentication. Twitter, like other social media options, is a conventional platform where users engage with quality content of their choice. They don’t just re-share it but also add thoughts on certain matters. It may not be widely used, but celebrities and people from prominent backgrounds prefer to use it to stay in touch with the public.

Gone are those days when people considered social media platforms the only place for brands since humans can now share their thoughts on personal issues. The fact is, such networking platforms were not originally made for business and branding. However, it rose to prominence and became a critical component of the company’s online strategy.

Twitter’s new change, as announced in a recent tweet:

On Friday, Twitter shared the news through its tweet that it would let only the paid subscriber use the method of two-factor authentication in text messages and secure the account. This method will make accounts highly secure. The account holder can use a second authentication method along with a password. This method will have a security key, text message, and authentication app to verify the security of the user.

Twitter believes that this method is not properly used on other social media apps. Rather, it can protect people against any abusive remarks made by fans. Elon Musk affirmatively replied and re-tweeted it. He also responded to other people’s questions about whether it was the company’s new policy, as Telcos previously used bot accounts to boost 2FA SMS. Unfortunately, Telcos’ strategy did not work, and they lost $60 million on the SMS scam.

Twitter is a platform where users’ engagement rate is high. You will find here the most solvent and educated audience that wants to stay and share updates with people. It is the audience profile that makes Twitter more special. Further, the work behind the business profile and the overall platform value makes it even more prominent. After the recent BNN news on the changes made for the blue-marked audiences, people find it a secure way to share their thoughts and ideas.

Who is the right audience to use it?

Presently, the blue checkmark is free for the verified accounts of known celebrities, politicians, journalists, and other public figures. The recent BNN news states they have made recent changes to the subscription price to Twitter Blue, which for iOS and Android users will cost $11 per month.