Themed Dice Tray Sets by Dice Goblin – Immersion in D&D Worlds

Dice Goblin, a leading name in tabletop gaming, offers a captivating array of themed dice tray sets that draw inspiration from popular settings, campaigns, and characters in the world of Dungeons & Dragons (D&D). In this overview, we’ll explore dice tray themed sets, each designed to immerse players in the rich lore and stories associated with these iconic themes.

Key Themes and Sets:

Dragon’s Lair Set:

This set is a homage to the hoards of fearsome dragons. With intricate dragon scale patterns and engravings, it transports players to the heart of epic dragon-slaying quests.

Elven Woodland Set:

Capturing the mystical beauty of elven forests, this set features delicate engravings of leaves, trees, and ethereal creatures, evoking the serene ambiance of elven realms.

Dungeon Delver’s Set:

Ideal for those who love exploring dark dungeons, this set boasts cryptic symbols and ominous engravings, setting the stage for adventurers as they delve into the unknown.

Mystic Runes Set:

Drawing inspiration from arcane magic, this set showcases runic symbols and mystical patterns, making it a perfect choice for campaigns featuring wizards and ancient mysteries.

Pirate’s Cove Set:

Evoking the high seas and pirate adventures, this set is adorned with nautical elements, ship motifs, and hidden treasure engravings, perfect for swashbuckling campaigns.

Cursed Crypt Set:

This set adds a layer of mystery with eerie symbols, ghostly engravings, and a sense of foreboding, ideal for those who dare to explore haunted tombs and crypts.

Faerie Ring Set:

Inspired by the whimsical world of faeries and sprites, this set features delicate engravings of faerie circles, magical mushrooms, and ethereal creatures, enhancing enchanted forest campaigns.

Orcish Horde Set:

Capturing the brutal aesthetics of orcish culture, this set features tribal engravings and bold designs, making it a great choice for campaigns involving clashes with orcish warbands.

Nautical Adventure Set:

This set embodies the spirit of oceanic adventures with anchors, seashells, and ship wheel engravings, immersing players in the world of sailors and explorers.

Astral Realms Set:

Inspired by the mysteries of the cosmos, this set showcases celestial symbols, stars, and planetary patterns, perfect for campaigns that involve otherworldly journeys and cosmic encounters.


Dice Goblin ‘s Themed Dice Tray Sets provide a unique opportunity for D&D players to delve deeper into the themes and narratives of their campaigns. These sets not only serve as functional tools but also add a visually captivating and immersive dimension to the gaming experience. With a commitment to creativity and storytelling, Dice Goblin continues to enhance the tabletop gaming experience by offering themed dice tray sets that resonate with the iconic settings, campaigns, and characters of Dungeons & Dragons.