Mature gynecologist looking at camera while examining the belly of a pregnant young woman

Although surrogacy has been around for decades, it is still one of the most controversial medical procedures that entails many disputes. There is not even a single legislation that supports both sides of the surrogacy contract. In particular, in many countries the surrogate mother has every right to take the child if she sees fit. This puts the biological parents in a position where they have to be prepared to spend an enormous amount of time and effort to have a baby that will ultimately not even be given to them.

This is the reason why it is so important that the surrogate mother already has at least one birth child. This avoids a situation where a woman is experiencing maternal feelings for the first time and cannot cope with them and wants to keep the baby.

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Supporters of surrogacy point to the fact that for many women it was and still is the only way to have a genetically born child. Although a surrogate mother takes certain risks associated with carrying and giving birth, she is very aware of them because she is warned about all the controversial points in advance. This gives the surrogate a choice whether or not to carry a genetically alien child.

Opponents of surrogacy point to the fact that surrogate mothers undergo the procedure for one reason only: to make money. Certainly, it would be foolish to think that surrogate mothers may become surrogates only because they want to give someone the happiness of a full family life for free. But there is a flip side to this issue: it confirms that a woman has complete freedom to dispose of her body as she sees fit. The decision to be or not to be a surrogate is hers alone; no one has the right to force or push her into the decision to become a surrogate.

In addition, surrogate mothers in most countries are fairly well compensated for their work. This means that it is not a question of exploitation of the women, because they go into the procedure voluntarily, consciously and are paid accordingly. Does this turn surrogacy into a kind of work? Yes, indeed, from some point of view, it does turn the process of carrying a baby into a job. However, there is nothing wrong with this, as the woman is not just performing a task, but actually helping someone to know the immense happiness of fatherhood and motherhood. Taking surrogacy procedure seriously as a job means only one thing – that the woman is really ready to take this step, she is well aware of all the responsibilities and risks.

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