The Premier Football League – The Most Popular League in the World    

There are many types of sports being featured on major television shows, channels, and various streaming platforms, but only a few have successfully appealed to many people, and one of them is Premier League Football (บอล พรีเมียร์ ลีก, term in Thai). There are around 3 billion people across the globe who regularly watches the Premier League, and the viewers are not only from the UK and the United States, but from Asia too.

The English Premier League, although already reaching a wide scope in terms of audience reach, still continues to expand its reach, ensuring that it will be visible to football fans around the world. In July 2021, it signed a contract with the Nordic Entertainment Group; a Scandinavian company dedicated to expanding its partnership to European countries like Latvia, Poland, the Netherlands, Lithuania, and Estonia.

Expanding the scope of the Premier Football League

Aside from television subscriptions, the Premier Football League will also be broadcast by NENT via its streaming service. It will broadcast all football league matches. It is also gaining traction in the Asia-Pacific territory as it has a previous partnership with MP & Silva, which is a sports marketing and media firm with a worldwide scope. The League also has individual agreements with broadcasters in various parts of Asia.

The fascination of Asia fans to back their favorite football team

It was in January of 2019 when the Football Premier League opened its very first office in Asia, specifically in Singapore. The goal at that time was to fight piracy of media content and to make the league even more well known to millions of football fans and sports enthusiasts in Asia. It has led to the establishment of official football fan clubs not only in countries in Asia but in different parts of the world.

Many fans get to choose and cheer for their favorite team and do everything and anything they can to support and uplift the spirit of their team. However, some football fans are not really into teams but into their favorite players. If the star player happens to switch to another team, they turn their back to that team and head over to the team where their favorite player is playing. That is how the fan base works nowadays. Hence, the people or company behind a particular football team are doing their best to retain the star players.

At the end of the day, although football is a sport, there is a business involved. In fact, it is 30% sports and 70% business. The fan base adds appeal to the game, making it all the more entertaining, engaging, and profitable for everyone – players, teams, and fans. If you have not tried watching football in the premier league, you might want to consider watching it in the near future. Just like basketball, football does not fall short in giving you the kind of thrill and entertainment you are looking for. Get to know the sports on a deeper level and be amazed by the stars, as well as the rookies and fans!