Step by Step Guide to Carry Out Amazon Keyword Research Efficiently

Keywords are special set of words indexed by amazon and is used to offer search results for each customer search entry. These keywords serve as a powerful tool to appear higher on the search results. This word is the way your potential customers search for your product on amazon. Including this keyword in your product title or description will prompt the search engine to allow your product to appear on the search results. When the product appears on the search results, it is like half the battle won! Amazon keyword research is not very difficult as there are many tools available online to ensure that you get to know the right set of keywords for your product. 

If you are carrying out the research on your own then here is the step-by-step guide to make your task easier. However, if you are lacking time and manpower to carry out proper research then it is always better to hire keyword research services offered by the experts. 

Different Keywords

Keywords can be classified into three subtypes – Audience Keywords, Competition Keywords, and Product Keywords.

Audience keywords are the search terms used by your potential customers. It has no science backing it but only the thought process of normal buyer. It may be product specific or need specific. For example, a carpet can be searched as a carpet or sometimes as a home décor or flooring solution. All you need to do is think as your potential customers would think and you will get many keywords. You can also use the tools to understand the keywords used more frequently for your type of products. 

Competition keywords are the keywords used by your competitor for same type of product. This will be based on your competitor’s research and you can take advantage of their research too. While listing your product on amazon, you will get to see your competitors too and it is best strategy to include your competitor’s keywords in your product title and description. This way you will not let the competition enjoy the market monopoly. 

Product keywords are product specific keywords that best describe your product. These keywords will prompt the search engine about your product offerings. Having these keywords on your product title or its description will help amazon to relate to your product immediately. You will get to see your product more often on relevant search results by including these keywords. 

How to get there?

You can know these keywords with experience and research. Keep on adding more relevant keywords to see the results. You can use various online tools and also follow amazon prompts to see whether you are making the right move or not. Amazon would offer you prompts at each stage of listing. However, these prompts are availed by all the sellers on amazon and hence it is good to get the professional services from experts to stand ahead of the competition. 

Keyword research is the key tool for amazon product optimization, get it right to have your product on the top of the search results.