Standing the Test of Time: The Salvation Army’s Resilient Service in Singapore

Singapore has developed rapidly into one of Asia’s most prosperous nations. However, segments of the population continue to face challenges making ends meet. Since 1935, The Salvation Army has quietly but impactfully served vulnerable communities in Singapore through times of war, hardship, and growth.

Their presence may be most visible through street collections raising donations and their network of thrift stores. But behind the scenes, The Salvation Army in Singapore runs over 40 programs spanning rehabilitation, children’s services, elderly care, and more. They uplift society’s most marginalized and underserved.

For example, The Salvation Army operates group homes and therapy services assisting youth-at-risk and people overcoming addiction. Their specialized addiction programs reintegrate former offenders into society. For the elderly living in poverty, they provide meals, healthcare, and social activities through Silver Lining Centres across Singapore.

In response to COVID-19, The Salvation Army rapidly adapted and enhanced efforts to support families impacted financially by the pandemic. Food rations, household essentials, and mental health services were ramped up to meet surging needs. Their willingness to mobilize quickly for communities in crisis embodies what sets The Salvation Army apart.

Unlike traditional charities, The Salvation Army combines social services with spiritual ministry. As an evangelical church, their work is motivated by faith to love others unconditionally. There are no barriers to receiving support. Their motto “Heart to God, Hand to Man” perfectly captures this compassionate ethos.

For over 85 years locally, The Salvation Army has stayed consistently dedicated to their mission of doing the most good – regardless of circumstances, they uplift the underprivileged. In a nation grappling with inequality despite prosperity, The Salvation Army fills vulnerable gaps.

Today they serve over 6,000 beneficiaries yearly across 12 locations in Singapore. Demand continues rising significantly as more individuals and families struggle with job losses, financial hardships, illness and isolation during the pandemic. To meet increasing needs, The Salvation Army in Singapore depends on public donations and volunteers.

In these challenging times, supporting The Salvation Army enables them to sustain critical social services that transform lives. Donations keep food centres, rehabilitation programs, elderly care and other initiatives running. Volunteering also makes a meaningful difference by helping distribute aid directly to recipients and providing social connection.

While juggling our own uncertainties now, it may be tempting to overlook those less fortunate. But our compassion is measured best when circumstances are difficult for all. In times of inflation or recession, vulnerable populations face deeper struggles. By donating or volunteering with The Salvation Army, we lift up those most impacted by economic downturns.

Help sustain a Singapore where no one gets left behind, no matter their circumstances. Support The Salvation Army to keep transforming lives. Volunteer or donate to The Salvation Army Singapore today.