Sendvilla lead generation tool: A User Review

A fellow entrepreneur recently introduced a new tool called Sendvilla to me to help me with my leads generation. I was told it saved him hours everyday, and that to me is a huge selling point. As a small business owner, I’m constantly busy trying to find new clients, networking, expanding my services etc, so any help is much appreciated.

According to their website, Sendvilla is an automated lead scraping solution that allows us to search for new leads and gather business listings by simply typing in a keyword and selecting a location or region. Sounds pretty straightforward to me so I gave it a try since it only costs $9 for a smaller Starter package.

Here’s my genuine review of the tool.

Good Points:

  • Affordable. $9/ month for a small package seems highly reasonable to me
  • Straightforward. 1 credit for 1 lead. And if you key in the exact same search term and the lead provided is duplicated, no credits will be deducted. That seems really fair to me.
  • Guaranteed leads. Pay really for what the actual leads you get.
  • Easy to use and good for non-technical people like myself. It’s as simple as keying in a relevant search term and selecting the location for the search and waiting for the leads to appear.

Areas of improvement:

  • This tool is only able to search for companies as leads, and not any specific individuals. So if you want to look for the CEO or someone in particular, this tool is not for you. Although I do think this may be a good addition in future?
  • This tool seems to be more suitable for individual freelancers or small businesses. Their biggest package on their website is 1,000 leads per month. If you have a big team of salespeople, that will probably be too little. However, it seems that they are ready to provide bigger packages to customers who require them, so do reach out to them for more details

The downsides aren’t really dealbreakers for me so all in all, I’d say it’s still a pretty useful tool.

Rating: 8.5/10