Role of a customs broker: Duties and responsibilities

A customs broker is a critical professional with a licensed degree to perform into customs broking. They either work as a freelancer or work under registered firm. Every company regardless of the size and type rely on them for international business. They know the market well. One of the major roles of a customs broker is to get a clearance certificate by the customs department for the client. Thus, they follow all norms and steps of the customs process diligently.

Our article majorly focuses on some of the essential duties and responsibilities of a customs broker that you must know. Being aware of such details will help you understand the reasons of your hiring a customs broker for your company.

Learn the role of a customs broker:

Hiring a customs broker is the first step you must take for international business. The overseas laws and rules can be complicated. However, a broker has learned how to handle the same. Once you have hired a good customs broking firm, you don’t have to worry about the rest. As a business owner, your credibility and reputation is of utmost importance. To sustain your respect in business, you must follow the customs rules well.

A professional customs broker knows how deal with paperwork, documentation, coordination, and follow compliance. Thus, there are fewer chances of delays, penalties, errors, and rejection in customs clearance. Compliance is highly critical for your business or your goods will end up being spoiled at the dock for months.

A customs broker also performs other essential roles as follows;

  • File paperwork of the business
  • Identify the goods
  • Details of the goods to be imported or exported
  • Prepare paperwork for the customs
  • Verify documents
  • Fill the essential paperwork and documents on behalf of the client
  • Coordinate with several departments associated with customs
  • Keeps a track on the progress and movement of goods
  • Guides the client in the customs process and overseas law
  • Updates the company on any changes in the rules and regulations of import and export
  • Helps in calculating the customs duties, taxes, GST on goods and services
  • Clears all queries and doubts of the client
  • Helps on obtaining the customs clearance certificate
  • Prevents errors and delays in filing of paperwork

Visit a reliable customs broker to prevent delays in your customs process. Discuss the service fee and contract before you proceed with them.