Read to Know the Various Uses of Pallet Stacking Equipment

A pallet stacker is a tool made to make it easier for the user to lift, move, and handle palletized products. In and of itself, a pallet is a horizontal, flat support system for heavy objects.

A pallet inverter offered by Top Industries Inc. is also used in various warehouses for handling pallets. Let us look at the 5 primary areas where pallet handling equipment is able to help you.

Moving pallets

Pallet jacks

One of the most often utilised pieces of equipment for moving pallets is the pallet jack or pallet truck. They fit nicely in small locations and are portable and simple to use. However, you might not be aware that pallet trucks now come with a tonne of cutting-edge capabilities.

Pallet stackers

Pallet stackers are little electric forklifts that are made specifically for spaces that are too small or don’t have access to forklifts. Depending on your needs, they come in a broad variety of height and leg configurations.

Loading and unloading pallets

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Pallet rotators

Pallet rotators make loading and unloading pallets easier. You may load and unload from a single location by allowing your pallet to rotate, which minimises the amount of carrying you must do.

Spring lift tables

These lift tables include internal springs that control the lifting and lowering of the table. The table will drop as more weight is added and rise as more weight is withdrawn, making them excellent for handling pallet loads.

This minimises the need to bend when lifting and keeps the table top at an optimal working height.

Wrapping pallets

Operations that wrap and ship loads of palletized items rely heavily on pallet wrappers. Our selection of pallet wrappers includes both robotic and manual models.

Changing pallets

A pallet inverter could be a huge time saver when you frequently need to alter the pallet from underneath a load.

Storing pallets

Depending on how they are being stacked, keeping pallets safely and neatly stacked after they have served their intended use might be challenging.

A pallet straightener can be an excellent way to rapidly align all of the pallets before you set the stack down if you are sticking pallets with a forklift.

Pallet dispensers can be a wonderful choice if you move your pallets primarily with pallet trucks. Pallets can be added to or withdrawn from a stack of pallets that are stored in pallet dispensers while they are not in use.

To maximise the value on your investment in pallet stacking equipment, careful planning is vital. However, if you make the correct decisions, targeted investments that are suited to your company will increase staff health and productivity in the short and long terms.

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