Puppy Starter Guide: 10 Steps for Taking Care of Your Pup

Guide for Puppy care –  Top 10 steps

A dog may be a man’s best friend. However, parenting a replacement pup is not a walk in the park. It requires the maximum amount care and attention as rearing a baby would. From giving proper puppy food to daily exercise and health checkups, taking care of your puppy is extremely fulfilling but can be demanding too. Here may be a 10-step checklist to help you and your pooch settle dog food delivery bangalore

Look for a good vet

Find an honest vet even before you get your fur baby home. In fact, the primary place to visit before taking the pup home is the vet to ensure that your bundle of joy is healthy and has no birth defects.

Proper nutrition

Giving your canine companion proper nutrition is of utmost significance for his or her overall growth. Search for a trusted dog food brand like  puppy starter food after reading the reviews and check out their puppy food segment. Fidele+ puppy food is one among the best on the market today. It’s different types of starter puppy kits as per the size and breed. In fact, it offers the goodness of familiar ingredients like chicken, turmeric, copra oil , ginger, flaxseed, and more.

Adequate exercise

When your little bundle of fur comes home, it’ll be full of energy. It might help if you channel that energy constructively. Hence, exercise is an integral a part of the daily routine.


Dog training classes could be a good idea to make your fur baby understand basic and simple commands. These classes also will train the pup to walk without pulling and alert to danger.

Dental care

Many breeds are susceptible to gum disease that can lead to serious complications later on in life like premature tooth loss, infection in major organs, and more. So it’s best to get regular dental checkups done.

Puppy-proof the house

Like babies, puppies also are naturally curious and want to explore their new surroundings. To make a safe home for your pup, fence off one a part of the home which will become the puppy’s new territory. Keep things like plants, rugs, chemicals, electrical items, and breakables out of reach.

Stack up puppy supplies

Collect all your pet collars , lease , rag , toys , food for pup


Puppies need to urinate and poop frequently. You’ll need to anticipate their needs and take them out every two hours. Take them thereto space every time and soon they will associate that space to do their job.

Proper sleeping area

Have a delegated place for your puppy to sleep, be it a bed or a crate. Place it near where you sleep so your fur baby will not be lonely. Never let your new puppy sleep in bed with you, because it will create problems in the long term.


Puppies require plenty of love and cuddling, together with proper food and nourishment. Give them plenty of time and attention. It’s proven that a socialized puppy will always be even-tempered and will be able to cope with all situations in life.

Having a pup in your home brings unbridled joy and fulfillment, but it’s a lot of work initially. Establishing healthy habits with proper food and timely veterinary visits can lay the inspiration for many years of love and happiness for you and your canine companion.