How to Sell Commercial Solar: 3 Strategies for Success

The solar industry is booming. Yet, that does not make it easy to sell your panel. Without the right commercial solar lead generation strategy, you will go around the internet trying to make sales without success.

Understanding your target and their needs is the first step towards getting the proper solar leads. This is followed by packaging your sales pitch right to communicate the right things to your clients and eventually sell. Below, we share three successful tips for selling commercial solar.


Understand Your Customer’s Needs to Custom a Sales Pitch

How do you know what your clients want? For example, you cannot ask the janitor of the commercial building whether the company can afford a solar system. So, identify the right person to ask questions.

For instance, a company leasing a building has little say on solar installation. On the other hand, the building owner has exclusive rights to allow solar installation.

Knowing who to ask questions, the decision maker, and the financial objectives of the person who owns the solar system can help you customize the best sales pitch. Ideally, you have to know who to pitch to and how to do it.


Find Whether There Is Another Company Competing for the Same Budget As You

Commercial buildings or companies set aside a budget for energy, technology, and structural upgrades. They do not set aside an entire budget for solar systems alone. This means you have more than one competitor for the same budget.

The commercial building could be looking to upgrade the roof, HVAC units, energy efficient windows, and install a solar system. Knowing whether the building owner is investing in other upgrades can help you create a proposal highlighting the benefits of having a solar system in combination with other upgrades.

You cannot afford to be selfish, allocating more budget for your proposal and leaving other upgrades with little money to go around. Create a compelling pitch without displaying your selfish needs.


Utilize the Right Technology and Tools

You have to show your clients the design of your solar system before installing it. No commercial building owner will risk putting a new system in or on their building based on your word of mouth.

You have to show your clients the technology and tools you will use to install the solar system. Suppose a building has a new roof. Installing many modules or a newly installed roof might not appeal to a client.

So, you must convince your client that you can install a system with fewer modules that will still produce enough energy for the building. You need software to illustrate your design and theory to convince your client.


Hire Experts to Generate Your Commercial Solar Leads

Sometimes, making sales is difficult even after acquiring new strategies. Fortunately, there are companies that focus on commercial solar lead generation.

At Solar Exclusive, we focus on marketing commercial and residential solar to ensure quality leads tailored for you. Contact us at (702) 462-7237 to benefit from our expertise in generating quality leads that will lead to sales.