How to Select the Best Location for a Laundromat

For those who want to invest in a laundromat or want to build up a new business from the ground up, there are two crucial investments to consider: The first is laundry equipment and its commercial laundry parts from stores like Laundry Replacement Parts, while the second is the business’ location.

But we understand that finding a location for a laundromat is quite daunting, especially with so many different factors to choose from. We narrow it down for you below, so read on!

1. Ask Locals

One of the best ways to find the best location for laundromats is by talking with the locals and your suppliers. People from the community know the neighborhood, and residents like the backs of their hands. You’ll get insider information on the locations that worked for businesses in similar neighborhoods and share what businesses have failed and where.

Before going deeper into hunting for locations, talk to the local experts. That way, you have something to start with and can narrow down your options. Plus, you may just get tips on where to find supplies and dexter laundry parts at lower prices when needed!

2. Lots of Traffic and Low-Speed Limit

Make sure you select a location by a busy street with tons of traffic. Ideally, the street is either on the way in or out of the neighborhood with a lot of passing commuters. Plus, your store must be visible from the street, with signs put up in prominent locations for drivers to actually see your store and know about what you offer.

Furthermore, focus on locations with streets that have lower speed limits because this allows drivers to see your store. You’ll also want a location that’s easy for people to enter, so there must be convenient entrance and exit points to and from the street.

3. Glass Frontage

We mentioned placing signs in prominent locations of your physical locations, and one thing to consider is glass frontage. With glass frontage, your equipment and facilities are seen outside, which draws customers into the store.

Find locations with glass frontage and provision for signages to advertise your laundromat further. Also, it’s best to display your best laundry equipment at the front of the store if you plan to have glass frontage.

4. Lots of Parking

Adequate parking space is crucial to a laundromat’s success, or any physical store’s success, really. Ensure enough free space for driving customers, especially during peak times like evenings and weekends.

5. Nearby Other Places

Think of the places your target audience would visit regularly. We suggest choosing a location beside or on the way to those locations, such as areas near supermarkets. This will have customers feel like they can achieve two weekly chores – doing the groceries and laundry! Places near high population areas or schools are great as well.

Wrapping It Up

Keep these in mind as you find the best locations for laundromats, and you’ll be able to fill your business with customers!