How To Purchase A Rolex Watch?

On the surface, it may appear that Rolex has retained its position as one of the most identifiable status symbols, transcending location and cultures to become a genuinely will). It has become difficult to watch a yachting regatta, tennis match, golf, or order cement without seeing the crown of Rolex. Even prominent musicians, celebrities, and politicians wear Rolexes regularly. If you are thinking to buy Rolex watches (ซื้อนาฬิกา Rolex, which is the term in Thai), you are at the right place.

Purchasing a new Rolex watch can be difficult because Rolex purposely undersells many models. This leads to your long waitlist at the authorized dealers. Getting on the list is problematic because it requires money and time. Purchasing a preowned Rolex is also pretty tricky as many factors decide the appeal and work of the watch, not to mention that you also have to assess the condition of the watch inside and out.

How To Purchase A Rolex?

Authorized dealers do not have the right to raise the price of any of the Rolex watches. A fraction of the people who are fortunate enough to buy Rolex watches, especially the sports model, instantly sell them for higher prices. On the other hand, the authorized users of Rolex believe that associational with profiteers is terrible for business and alienates consumers who are trying to seek a solid relationship with an authorized dealer.


When you walk into a Rolex dealer shop, you will notice the presence of oyster perpetual’s, a new batch of wristwatches from Cellini in various colors and sizes. Your eyes will also sweep upon female models. You may not be able to look through the sports watch models in precious metals like Yachtmaster, Submariner, or Skydweller. If you’re persistent, you may persuade the seller to bring you a sports watch from the safe you to look at, but even that is a rare occurrence.

The Waitlist

If you plan to buy Rolex, you should be ready for the waitlist. Getting on the list is not easy. Your request to be put on the waitlist for a Skydweller will be hard because these models are preferably given to people who already have a long-standing relationship with the owners. Even if you are a pushy-watch journalist, you cannot enter the list unless you have strong connections.

If you seek to buy Rolex watches of any other model, it would be easier to purchase. However, if you are looking to buy that specific sports model of Rolex only, you will have to build a relationship with the dealer of Rolex. This would involve becoming a regular at the shop. Simply browsing through does not help you. You will also have to make several purchases. Unless you can show the retailer that you are a loyal customer, you will not even get into the waitlist of Rolex. Once you have established your trust in the shop owner and purchased several merchandisers, you may be able to get into the waitlist. After that, you will wait.