How To Prevent Your Amazon Account From Suspension

After human civilization went through a global pandemic. From school to the office, everything came online. Similarly, the growth of shopping apps in India took place. Amazon is one such platform where sellers enjoyed severe business in 2020.

But with the growth in the business, drawbacks also came in. It was a massive deal for many small business owners when their amazon seller accounts started facing suspension problems. And it’s an enormous deal for any seller because it affects their business and hampers their reputation.

This article will guide you in preventing your account from getting suspended. But before you dig deeper, you must clearly understand the difference between suspensions, denied and banned. Once you distinguish between these three things, it will be crystal clear for you to deal with the issue.

How To Send An Application To Amazon To Remove The Suspension Order:

Let us look at the actions you can undertake if you want to remove the suspension order from your seller account. But before we begin, you need to keep calm and stay forced. Because eventually, everything will fall into the right place, and your amazon suspended account will start working again. 

  • Once you have decided what your course of action should be, you must go to seller central and download the performance notification from the drop-down menu bar to begin your amazon suspension appeal.
  • The next step involves opening the suspension notice and sending an appeal notice to the authority. There will be different types of appeal. You need to select one as per your choice. 
  • Once you have completed the previous actions, you need to write down your next course of action. Now you need to provide your contact details so that the amazon officials can contact you. And make sure that you can move to the next stage of your amazon suspension appeal.
  • The officials might be reaching out to you for a small question-and-answer session. They might also ask for certain information to verify your amazon seller account. This verification process will ensure that you get rid of your amazon suspended account as early as possible.
  • Last but not least, press the submit button, and your appeal will be sent to Amazon for reconsideration. Once you are done with the formalities, now you need to sit back and wait for them to respond to you. These simple steps will help you get positive feedback on your amazon suspension appeal. 


So now that you have developed a basic understanding of how to deal with a situation, I hope you will be able to deal with it more carefully. You clearly can distinguish between a suspensions, ban denied and account deactivation. 

Now that you are qualified to deal with a suspension situation, it’s always better to be careful. Therefore it is even better to deal with it professionally and maintain a strict vision on your account’s performance review. Go through your audits and stat reports thoroughly. And ensure that your seller account does not violate any rule and regulation that might push them towards becoming an amazon suspended account.