How do flowers boost mental health?

It’s reasonable to think that modern life is fraught with pressure, trepidation, and difficulties unseen in previous eras. The widespread orders to stay inside that COVID-19 has provoked means that we have had to establish a new normal over the past few weeks. Many employees now have the flexibility to work remotely, but others do not.

A recent 10-month behavioural study undertaken by researchers at Rutgers University investigated the association between horticultural pursuits and contentment with one’s life. Their research demonstrates that flowers have beneficial benefits on mental health and act as a natural mood regulator.

The benefits of having flowers from kl florist delivery around, according to the Rutgers study:

Getting flowers can instantly boost your mood. Flowers were a source of joy for all age groups in the study participants. Surprise, real joy, and appreciation were among the responses.

The mood-boosting effects of flowers last for quite some time.  Flowers were found to have a calming effect on the study participants, reducing their levels of depression, anxiety, and agitation. They were also more content with their lives overall.

Flower-based relationships are warm and personal. The act of giving and receiving flowers strengthens bonds with loved ones.

Flowers, food, and candles were all delivered to the study participants at Rutgers. Flowers had the greatest response rate of any delivery, albeit they were generally well-received. According to their research, the good sentiments lasted for about three days.

In one study, participants’ responses to a flower shown to them in a crowded lift were analysed. Most people in a lift will try to avoid making eye contact with anyone else within. However, the participants’ demeanour shifted when the experimenter presented them with a single flower. They all got a little bit more intimate with the speaker and each other. In a second attempt, advertising pens were used as stimuli, but they failed to elicit the same reaction. One possible conclusion is that the act of giving and receiving flowers strengthens relationships.


Furthermore, the colour of the you send can have a significant impact on the recipient’s reaction. When you order birthday flowers, always pay attention to the color.

Some colours and flowers have long been associated with special events because of this tradition. However, when considering one’s mental health, different colours have different connotations.  Red’s immune-boosting properties go beyond its usual associations with love and passion. If you know someone who is recovering from surgery or an illness, red flowers would be a thoughtful gesture. Those who are feeling tired or run down might also benefit from the energising effects of the colour red.

Bowl, Silver Corazon

The bright red and white flowers complement the circus motif perfectly.

The calming influence of violet extends to the intellect and the nerves. It’s inspiring and opens up imaginative possibilities.

From a psychological standpoint, the colour yellow evokes the most joy. It represents the sun and conjures up sentiments of joy and brightness. It’s a conversation-starting shade that’s easy on the eyes. Memory and the neurological system both benefit from yellow’s presence.

The colour orange represents hope and promotes interaction with others. It’s also linked to grit and achievement.

The most popular colour choice is blue. Just as the sky and the ocean are always blue, the colour blue has come to symbolise dependability and trustworthiness. The colour blue is associated with serenity and tranquilly.

Green, the most prevalent colour in nature, is soothing because of its association with growth and renewal. It makes one think of new beginnings and revitalization. Green is also a colour associated with success and development.

Pink is a happy colour. Like reds, brighter pinks are energising, raising the body’s core temperature and speeding up the heart and respiratory rates. Pinks with softer tones are romantic and tender.

White represents transparency. White flowers have long been used to symbolise these virtues.

Is there somebody you could provide a boost to today? Perhaps you need a pick-me-up as much as anyone else. Use the healing energy of flowers to boost your own or a loved one’s mood.