Here are the Top Natural Stone Countertops to Pick

Stone kitchen countertops have been very popular for the past few decades, mostly due to their inherent luxury, beauty, durability and utility features. With so many different types of stone countertops available in the market today, it can be really overwhelming for you to choose the right one. For, any wrong countertop choice would mean that you are risking damage to it. Also, it can be a costly mistake for you. So, to help you make the right choice, here are the popular countertop options that would make a great pick for your kitchen.


Quartzite is a metamorphic rock which is formed when the sandstone, which is rich in quartz, undergoes the process of metamorphism. It is different from quartz, and is a pretty hard substance. This is why this countertop is resistant to scratches and is also aesthetically very pleasing. But quartzite is a porous natural stone, so you would need to seal this slab twice a year, which makes it a costly pick. If the slab is not sealed, it will become prone to permanent stains on the surface.


Marble is yet another metamorphic rock. It has been a luxury building material for past many centuries. The biggest plus point of using marble is that its beauty never fades away and it will ooze out luxury in the long run too. However, it would need regular resealing in order to prevent stains. However, despite taking extensive care of these countertops, they are bound to develop patina over the years. Also, since it has an absorbent surface, its simple daily usage can lead to its discolouration too.


This is a go-to countertop pick for most homeowners. It has multiple aesthetic options to pick from, and helps in creating unique kitchens. Being a sturdy and durable option, it can last for a lifetime. It is also very tolerant towards heat and pressure, which makes it an ideal daily-use stone.


Onyx is an exotic countertop material. It comes in a variety of colors and textures, which is produced by the varying degrees of mineral concentrations in the stone. These stones are unique with natural patterns on them, which makes them beautifully different. This material is, however, very soft and will constantly require reinforcing materials on it to make it feasible.

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