Health Is Your Wealth – Do You Take Care Of Your Feet?

We all know the famous proverb ‘Health is Wealth’, and everyone is trying to practice and implement it in real life. While we are concerned about other health factors, we should also take care of our feet. In this article, let us look into the foot problems and how to take care of your feet.

Let us look into the types of feet and damage before knowing about health problems.

Types Of Feet

There are two types of feet, and sometimes, the disease in the feet will cause people to develop flat feet. Here are a few symptoms of flat feet,

  • Flat feet deformity develops from a very young age.
  • Inner paws in the flat feet are shorter and look unnoticeable at a young age.
  • Flat feet are formed sometimes due to congenital conditions.
  • The flat feet condition will be visible to the people when they are around 6-8 years.
  • The two types of flat feet are flexible feet and rigid feet.

What Are Rigid Feet?

The rigid feet in the flat feet condition are formed due to the flex. The wooden feet have certain conditions as abnormalities. Most of the time, the feet problems are due to abnormally connected bones.

  • Surgical methods are one of the most recommended treatments for rigid feet.
  • If you love playing sports, this type of foot will be an obstacle to playing sports.
  • This feet type will not cause problems in daily life activities. You can wear athletic shoes and still play sports.
  • Rigid feet are also known as still flat feet.

What Are Flexible Feet?

Flexible feet are one of the problems in flat feet, and this type of problem is due to ligament abnormalities in the inner paws. These adjustable feet don’t need surgical treatments to cure ligament issues.

  • Sometimes, surgical treatments will cure the flexible feet.
  • The anti-inflammatory drugs will resolve this type of feet problems.
  • You need not worry about the complications in this type of foot. When you take the proper treatment, the issues in these feet will get cured.

Final Word

KDMS hospitals provide proper medical advice for foot problems. Before treating the feet issues, you should know the types of feet and the required treatment.

The feet problems will not interfere in your daily lives if you get proper treatment from the doctors.

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