Errol Canadian Marketing Agency Simplifies Digital Growth

Canadian marketing agency Errol has been providing business strategies and advice for many companies since 2017. From startups, and SMSEs, to large corporations, the agency specializes in formulated business approaches, boosting customer acquisition, and maximizing revenue. They are currently operating in Canada and China and will be opening a new office in the Philippines this August 2022.

Amongst its most popular offerings is a 360° Marketing and Business Consulting service called Think Room™- an interactive consultation used to formulate ideas and strategies to boost revenue and improve business processes to promote overall growth for companies of all sizes. Another standout is Hybrid Office™, which helps businesses improve their staff infrastructure through better hiring processes. Magneto™ helps businesses focus on getting more leads and opportunities through various Lead/Sales/Revenue generating processes. Popular is PR Factory™– a service for enhancing individual & corporate online reputation/visibility through PR, SEO, and social media tools.

Errol also features an in-house media studio called ASOTA™. The studio specializes in creating commercial soundscapes and tracks, and has done so for major corporate entities worldwide.

When asked about what sets them apart from other marketing agencies, Errol Vas, the company’s Marketing Director and lead Consultant said, “We provide a well-balanced blend of marketing essentials & high-yield tactics to provide functional & visible growth for customers”. Vas also mentioned the combined expertise and knowledge of its partners, all of whom are industry-leading experts and specialists in their fields.

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