Delicacies like cheesecake or brownies are always a good idea. Why just not combine them altogether for a more indulgent pastry?

Ingredients in bars

This recipe combines cheesecake with brownies, two delectable delights. Although each is great on its own, one can indulge in both the brownies as well as the cheesecake. Check out the Best Baking classes

Components at Ambient Temperature

To achieve the finest results while making this dish, make sure all of your materials are at room temp, especially the butter, eggs, and cream cheese.

Dutch-process cocoa should be utilized in the brownies

 They acquire a deeper flavor and a velvetier consistency as a result. Additionally, the cocoa’s quality is important.

Colored foods

Food coloring exists in a variety of forms, including liquids, gel, and even paste. Select the food coloring and the hues you would like to use for this delicacy. Just keep in mind that because gel and paste are considered highly concentrated than liquid, you won’t require a large amount of them.

Keeping Easter Brownies Fresh

For a maximum of five days, preserve any remaining cheesecake bars wrapped in the fridge. The cheesecake bars can be kept for a maximum of three months inside the freezer if you continue to keep a little of them. To freeze for later use.

Allow the bars to totally cool

  • Arrange the bars on a platter after removing them from the pan. For a little over an hour, refrigerate the bars.
  • Pull the brownie bars from the fridge after an hour then pack them up securely in plastic wrap.
  • Cover the brownie bars in aluminum foil or store them in a ziplock bag with a zipper. Please remember to date and mark the jar!



Set the oven temperature to 350°F. GOOP or greaseproof paper can be used to prep or cover a 9×13-inch baking pan.

Add the flour, cocoa, baking soda, and salt to a big basin. Contents should be combined completely after being whisked together.

Combine the eggs, sugar, butter, and vanilla until creamy in a stand mixing bowl or a sizable bowl with a hand-held beater.

Add the flour mixture while the mixer is not running. Mix items on low speed until thoroughly blended.

Bake brownies for twelve to fifteen minutes, or until their edges are just beginning to firm, in the baking dish you’ve prepared.


Make the cheesecake layers while the brownies remain baking. Cream cheese, sugar, and egg should be smoothed out in a stand mixer basin with a whisk attachment.

In four bowls, divide the mixture evenly.

Add 2–3 drops of artificial flavoring to every bowl, or as much as is necessary to achieve the desired color in each bowl.

Spoon/dollop the various colored cheesecakes randomly over onto warm brownies. The brownies will be covered with a colorful mosaic.

Repeat baking for a further 28 to 30 mins, until either dessert is firm. The borders of the cake will indeed be considerably drawn in and golden brown when it is finished baking.