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Different types of plumbing accessories:

Different types of pipe fittings are available in plumbing systems for various functions and purposes. The plumbing accessories used in the plumbing system are used to connect multiple pipes of different sizes or the same sizes. It regulates the flow or measures the flow. These pipes are made of materials like iron, copper, PVC, and brass. For a perfect flow, the plumbing system uses different types of pipes and fittings. Let us discuss the different kinds of plumbing accessories used in piping:

Elbow and reducer pipes:

Elbow pipes are used to modify the flow direction between two pipes. These elbows are commonly available with different angles like 22, 45 and 90 degrees. Elbows are used if the pipes are in the same radius otherwise the reducer elbows are used. Reducer pipes are the pipes that reduce the flow size from bigger to smaller by reducing the pipe size. Basically, two types of reducers are available in the market. The first one is a concentric reducer which is cone-shaped, and the second one is an eccentric reducer which is parallel-edged.

Tee type and cross type pipes:

Tee-type pipe fitting is another component in Plumber community which is T-shaped. Tee-type fitting has one inlet and two outlets. The outlets are arranged at 90 degrees to both sides of the inlet. Tee-type pipes can also be used to merge the flow from two inlets to one outlet. Cross-type pipe fitting has four openings in four directions. These are connected when there are four pipes at a meeting point. These pipe fittings produce more pressure on the pipe when the temperature increases because it has four connection points.

Coupling and unions:

A coupling is used to join the pipes of the same radius. Coupling is mostly used when the pipe is broken, or leakage occurs. There are two types of coupling, which are compression and slip couplings. Compression coupling is connected between two pipes and also prevents leakage. Slip coupling is easy to install and has two pipes which are arranged one inside another. Union is a fitting type that functions similar to coupling. But coupling cannot be removed once after fixing, but union pipes can be removed whenever necessary. Unions have male and female ended threads with nuts. This is used for keeping up the purpose of pipes.

Adaptors and olets:

If the pipes don’t have any plain ends, then the adaptors make them threaded with male or female threads, whatever is required. Adaptors are used for PVC and copper pipes. Male adaptors have male threads, and female adaptors have female threads. One end of the adaptor is plain, which is welded or soldered. Olets are used when the standard fittings are not suitable. Sometimes inlets are larger than the outlets, in this case olets are used. There are different types of olets available in the market.

Wrapping it up:

Hopefully, you have learned more about the different plumbing accessories available in the Plumber community. Apart from these, more pipe fittings and accessories are available in the market. To secure a pipe from leakage or broken, you need to find a suitable pipe fittings that help the flow of water to be natural and subtle.