Different types of insurance for vacant land


Vacant landowners already have a handful to think about. In addition to those are the possible catastrophic problems that might occur and cause them a colossal sum of money and even turn into law firms and legal issues. That is why getting the right insurance to lessen the risk is the best option. But it isn’t that easy to identify which specific insurance is the right coverage for a vacant property. In fact, insurances for a vacant property are not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Landowners might need multiple insurances to cover the property adequately depending on how the vacant property is utilized. 

Things to consider

Is the vacant land financed? If the landowner financed the vacant land for future development or specific purposes, the finance company would probably require the landowner to ensure the vacant property for as long as it is financed. They may even have specific insurance types needed. 

Determine the land’s purpose. People buy vacant lands for many different reasons. The vacant property will require different kinds of vacant land insurance depending on the intended use of the land. It will most probably need multiple insurances to cover the land fully.

Kinds of insurance for vacant lands

Depending on the purpose and how the land is being utilized, landowners might need all or some of the following.

Vacant land Insurance

This type of land insurance is a liability-only policy that offers protection against injuries that might occur on the landowners’ property. This, most of the time does not cover damages to property. It is better to have separate insurance, for that matter.

Landowners might also need other insurances for protection if they allow people to go hiking, horse riding, fishing, or ride ATVs on their land. Injuries might occur when doing such activities, resulting in larger lawsuits not covered by vacant land insurance.

Umbrella insurance

Vacant lands are the most tempting place for young people to party on and for trespassers who can be injured during their trespasses. A larger group of people poses more risks and bigger damages that may exceed the insurance coverage. Umbrella insurance uses to cover the exceeding expenses that the first insurance cannot cover. 


Having insurance for vacant lands will significantly benefit and protect landowners who are constantly exposed to risks that might greatly affect them. Having insurance such as vacant land insurance and umbrella insurance will protect the landowners and the vacant lands from threats and catastrophic problems. It eliminates the constant worry and fear of paying for huge liabilities.

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