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Diamond and painting is a new inventive hobby that makes crafters around the world want to learn and fall in love with it. Especially DIY fans because it is an easy-to-learn and satisfying hobby. You might be interested to check out: https://diamondpaintingwereld.art/product/diamond-painting-eigen-foto/


it’s simple and addictive. Creating a breathtaking craft with rhinestones and adhesive canvas. The canvas is pre-printed with symbols. It became instantly famous among all categories. Because it doesn’t require special skills.


For many reasons, trying small colorful diamonds into a 3D masterpiece would be so satisfying. As it can be done with a little effort it fits people who might have struggled with other crafts.

Diamond painting suits everyone crafter and someone who is looking for a hobby regardless of their age group, it helps channel the creativity inside them. It’s easier and less Messier after it’s finished.

It is described as relaxing and calming by crafters.  Focusing on a particular craft can make us feel the hours fly faster, plus keeping the diamonds one by one is very soothing.


Buying a diamond painting kit is the start. With a few steps, you can learn the basics,

1 Peel the film off the canvas,

2 Select a symbol to work on,

3 With the help of a chart on canvas, select a diamond color code matching the symbol,

4 dip the applicator tool with wax,

5  grab the diamond with the applicator tool,

6 align and press it to the place.


Fully stocked with high-quality products.

The best quality canvas, diamond that matches the canvas color codes, Applicator tool, Tray and wax that help to keep the diamond in place, and Instruction chart to help with color code.

Round diamonds:

Easier, and quicker to complete. It’s great for beginners.  we could see the canvas between the diamonds in the finished products.

Square diamonds:

take a longer to complete and need extra care to see that every diamond is kept straight. It gives a satisfying snap sound while you are near the finish of the art.

Aurora borealis(AB) diamonds

has a special coating that kinda stimulates northern lights. It has a glowing effect and is more shimmering and looks ethereal than other diamonds.

Full drill vs partial drill.

Drills are the beads that are used to finish paintings. Some kits have full drills while others have the partial drill.

The partial drill is good for beginners that take less time to complete.

Full drills are covered in diamonds.

Try both types and decide for yourself.


  1. Arrange materials,
  2. Review the color code,
  3. Keep the diamond in the tray and shake which helps to desperate them so it’s easier to pick through the applicator,
  4. Remove film only from the canvas that is being used now,
  5. Start from the bottom,
  6. After finishing, firmly press to secure the diamonds in place.


  • frame with glass removed.
  • Stretcher bars,
  • Frame it nicely to give as a gift.