Common Mistakes to Avoid While Playing Fantasy Cricket

In fantasy sports, players try to come up with strategies that maximise their chance of winning. But like in many challenging pursuits, success comes with a cost. Players face mistakes and frustrations while they win. And this is true also for fantasy sports where all the glory comes from the commitment and sacrifices that have been made to reach one’s goals.

This fantasy cricket game gives gamers a chance to sharpen their skills, potentially win big in their favourite game and might even draw in people who don’t normally play the sport.

When you choose to watch the game at home, you can participate in the action on your phone, with Fantasy Cricket. It’s a bizarre concept that makes it seem as if you’re actually playing cricket but just from the comfort of your own couch!

You can easily find a team to draft using apps that exist on the app store. There are hundreds of them and they’re all easy to use.

You can download a free app that lets you play fantasy cricket anytime, anywhere.

Common mistakes when selecting a team can cause you to lose in fantasy cricket and they are easy to avoid.

Here are the 7 most common mistakes to keep your roster competitive.

1.   Don’t rush into anything

Beginners should practice the game by playing a few free games to get a feel of the game and to obtain skill improvement. With new insights, you can further improve your skills in a relatively shorter time.

2.   Become familiar with the players

Doing thorough research so as to know more about the players you are investing in is important. Investing randomly without assessing their abilities is not ideal. A player famous for one format of the game might not be good enough in another format. In addition, a professional might not perform well due to age or other reasons.

It is important to research your players before selecting your team, especially when choosing what kind of pitch they are better suited to. Choosing a player who may perform on the right kind of ball effectively can most often boost your chances of winning competitions.

3.   Pick a team that is well-balanced

Trying to pick a team without varying areas of expertise would be a mistake. Covering as many bases as possible is key to winning. Don’t choose just your favourite players; make sure you pick them from different fields such as offence and defence.

When playing, branch out in different directions and select a variety of players. Select an all-rounder because they are more likely to accumulate points for you at a faster rate. Whenever picking players for your cricket match, try and fill the gaps with spinners and seamers.

4.   If you are unfamiliar with the game, avoid it

If you are new to fantasy cricket, do not play games that you do not understand nor take part in high-risk cash games. As you learn more about the game and its intricacies, you can eventually play with more types of players and chances in a successful way.

5.   You should never go all out

Never rely on just a few top players for your fantasy sports team; instead, build a well-balanced lineup that is balanced in terms of budget and skills. Strategy doesn’t always work. It is important to be prepared and diversify your bets. Try not to commit your whole bankroll to one game.

6.   Don’t forget the toss!

Get extra attention to the time of the toss because last minute injuries or key players could be dropped can affect your team. Once the toss has been made, you should review your team and alter their strategies accordingly. After the toss has been made, the final team should be nominated.

7.   Make prudent selections for your captain and vice-captain

As fantasy cricket players, the team captain and vice captain are the most important pieces of your game. It is their points that will help you go from losing to winning. Don’t forget about them during the selection process.

When it comes to the point scheme, the captain will earn two times the points from a game played by average players. The vice captain will only be earning 1.5 times the points, which might require alternate options due to this compensation of giving some power away.

Where should you start playing fantasy cricket?

The one answer to all questions is AIO Games. AIO Games is an online money earning platform where you can win real money playing cricket games online. The All In One Games app allows you to play fantasy cricket in real-time, making it one of the most compelling ways to earn real money. With this app, you can be your own boss.

How do you play Fantasy Cricket?

Fantasy cricket gives individuals the opportunity to take part in virtual cricket matches. Each player is rewarded with a different point system for each game and must build an 11-member roster from 22 players. It’s fun and competitive! Here, you can witness a variety of fantasy cricket games with the convenience of real money. Beginners have the freedom to hone their skills in free contests before joining in the fun of real money tournaments. With these smart features and user interface for beginners, all new contestants are able to create and edit teams easily, even before the first ball is bowled.

However, the game is won according to player performance. Only after the players’ performance has been analysed and points awarded can you win enough to move on to the next level of play.


There are advantages to playing fantasy cricket on an AIO application. One is that you get to test your skills against people who love cricket from across the country and win real cash prizes while having fun.

Regular fantasy sports starting points are also a good place to start your exploring process. Familiarise yourself with the rules of the game, find out information about various tips, and work on mitigating your risk factors as you start a fantasy team.