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Check Out Four Popular Lawn Landscaping Designs

While property owners mostly focus on indoor decorations, others with big lawn spaces often get drawn to the outside beauty to soak in nature’s beauty. A lawn filled with green grass and pretty, fragrant blossoms that attract pollinators makes the property look amazing not only in the sunshine but at night as well. Investing in proper landscaping with time and resources pays off with enhanced curb appeal while making the surroundings soothing, cool, and rejuvenating. Professional Idaho Falls landscape designers can make a lawn look spectacular using creative ideas, tools, and resources, increasing the market value of the property.

Landscaping Facts

Apart from aesthetic appeal and maximizing property value, professional landscaping has some serious health and environmental benefits. Here are some facts:

  •       Landscaping keeps the surroundings cool while purifying the quality of the air.
  •       A well-maintained lawn with a beautiful plantation absorbs 70% direct sun heat.
  •       Around grassy, planted regions, the temperature is roughly 25 degrees.
  •       Trees can lower power usage by up to 59%.
  •       Plants, trees, and grass help to reduce pollution while also providing stormwater management and habitat for wildlife.
  •       Having a healthy grass turf is very helpful in preventing fires. Again, trees, plants, and grass reduce soil erosion.

Popular Landscaping Styles

Idaho Falls landscape designers can help create these popular landscaping styles:

English Garden

This style is mainly focused on mixing various plant varieties, such as flowering plants, shrubs, and other long-lasting plants. These gardens are often known as English cottages or English countryside.

Tropical Garden

This oriental-style garden’s main attractions are the water features, rocks, and numerous plants with vibrant colors and lush vegetation. If the climate is suitable, tropical plants and trees such as orchids, palm trees, bougainvillea, etc., can be used.

Japanese Style

Creating a peaceful atmosphere is the main objective of Japanese gardening. Water, plants, rocks, and colorful ornaments are the core four components of this style. This type of landscaping also includes Buddhist statues, bamboo structures, and spiritual accents to create a meditative ambiance. Stone-built ponds and waterfalls, as well as wooden bridges, are often featured in this style.

Spanish Landscaping

Spanish-inspired landscaping works best in hot, dry climates. These gardens draw inspiration from Persian and Islamic garden designs as well as some Spanish features. The trees and plants chosen here can withstand drought and flourish in hot, dry conditions. Spanish gardens include multiple ceramic structures, including benches, walls, paths, fountains, and pools, all of which have been handmade with ornamental ceramics.


A landscape design should be both visually appealing and functional for the location and climate. A skilled landscaper will consider various factors, like the availability of sun or shade, the moisture level of the soil, the climate conditions, the types of activities planned for the area, and more. Professional Idaho Falls landscape designers can take charge of the yard maintenance so it always looks its best by offering basic lawn care services like fertilizer and watering, pruning and trimming, mowing, edging, etc. They will help with designing a landscape that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing through the combination of their knowledge and experience.