Can a Teenager Own a Debit Card?

If you have a teenager, you’re probably wondering if they can get a debit card. Debit cards are quite helpful as they help teens quickly pay for shopping items and can be used for emergencies. They’re also helpful when giving a teen more financial experience. If you set up a checking account for teenager, chances are you’re wondering if it comes with a debit card. This article answers your question and explains the requirement for obtaining a debit card for teenagers.

Can Teenagers Have a Debit Card

Yes, they can. When you open a checking account for teenagers, they can get a debit card alongside. This debit card opens up purchasing possibilities for teenagers while exposing them to new experiences. However, teenagers only become eligible for a debit card when they turn 13. However, the requirements for this card vary. 

Requirements for Teenagers to Own a Debit Card

Although teenagers have access to a debit card when they open a checking account, there are some requirements they need to meet to own a debit card. Below is a breakdown of all the requirements. 

Parent or Guardian’s Presence

Minors cannot have an account independently because they don’t have the authority to sign an enforceable contract. Therefore, it’s crucial to have a parent, grandparent, or legal guardian present when applying for a debit card. Only a joint account will ensure teenagers have a legally valid account that meets the requirements. The parent or guardian can sign the paperwork and provide the necessary identification.

Date of Birth of Parent and Teenager: 

You’ll also need to provide the bank with the parent’s date of birth and yours. This is important to verify the identities of the parent and teenager.

Teenager’s Birth Certificate

Another crucial requirement to be met before teenagers can own a debit card is the provision of their birth certificate. Since you need to be between the age of 13 and 17 to open a checking account for teenager and get a debit card. The birth certificate helps to verify the child’s identity and age.


Owning a debit card comes with some benefits and helps to give teenagers some financial responsibilities. However, getting one doesn’t come without some requirements. Now you know all you need for a teenager to own a debit card. You can get the required documents together and apply for a debit card in no time.