Benefits of astrology on health

Introduction to Health Astrology

The health of people is susceptible to various problems. You can fall sick at any part of the day, and health-related complications are always prevalent. Health issues can arise in anyone of any age and gender.

There are multiple scientific and medical justifications for health issues. Yet, there is an astrological point of view on these health issues. Astrology has its way of dealing with health issues.

Even recognized people and well-known astrologers agree that planets and other celestial bodies play a key role in an individual’s life. Astrology has different parts. Health Astrology has gained a lot of popularity amongst people.

Health Astrology is a wing of astrology that defines the problems related to planets that may lead to health issues.

Astrology and Health

Astrology can help people lead healthy lives. Each part of the body and organ is under the influence of astrological elements, and astrologers can make predictions on specific health-related issues.

The second, sixth, eighth, and twelfth houses play a significant role in showing health-related problems. If any of the houses fall under the influence of malefic planets, the person will suffer from health issues. If the planet positioned in a house is weak, the individual will have to face medical problems. The problem in the sixth house will symbolize sickness, while the eighth house will symbolize death or surgery.

The twelfth house shows hospitalization.

Health Problems related to Planets and Celestial Bodies


If the sun is not strong in a zodiac sign, the people having that zodiac sign will suffer from the problems of heart illness and low eyesight. They may also have issues related to bile and bones. If you want to avoid these health issues, drink sugar water before you go out of your house and give food to black cows. Also, try to donate clothes of dark colors. It will be best if you don’t eat meat.


A person may face problems related to the mind because of the moon. He may seek his mother’s blessings, free caged birds, and donate milk to girls to avoid this problem.


If Mars is weak, it may invite surgeries and accidents. You may face injuries, blood loss, burns, and miscarriages. Plant a neem tree, and donate sweets and blood to prevent these problems.


A fault related to Mercury will lead to intelligence-related issues and loss of memory. It may also affect the neck, skin, and voice.

Always wash new clothes before wearing them and drink water in a silver glass to avoid these problems. Avoid alcohol and try to give food to cows before eating.


Problems with Jupiter will lead to obesity, liver-related issues, jaundice, etc.

Applying sandalwood paste on the forehead, wearing gold ornaments, and helping siblings will help deal with the health issues related to Jupiter. Try to put on a yellow headdress and use the belongings of your father.


If Venus is weak, you may face kidney-related problems and problems with eyesight and uterus.

Prevent these problems by always wearing clean and washed clothes, eating desi ghee, and keeping silver in your wallet.


Problems with Saturn can be dangerous. If Saturn is weak, people may experience long-term chronic diseases and dental issues. They may also face swelling in their feet and other problems in the leg.

Donating footwear to the needy and helping the blind on the road can help overcome these health problems.

Try not to drink milk at night. Also, bury an earthen pot filled with honey under running water.


Weakened Rahu may lead to breathing troubles, cancer, cataracts, ulcers, etc.


It is the planet of the abdomen. It can cause the rotting of flesh and wounds. Weakening of immunity due to mysterious health problems is another adverse effect of weak Ketu. It may also result in stomach problems.

Benefits of Astrology on Health

  • Astrology on health helps understand the health issues that may arise in an individual in the future. You can take necessary precautions and the help of your doctor to take special care.
  • Astrology also mentions the remedies for each of the planet-based issues. So, anyone can easily perform the remedies and avoid the problems.
  • By giving insights into your health, people can understand which part of their health needs special care.

Final words

If you keep all these things in mind, you may be able to deal with your health issues. Try to consult a reputed astrologer and get your birth chart done. This birth chart will help you know the various health problems you may face in the future. Once your astrologer mentions the probable issues you may face in the future, ask astrologer to mention the remedies. Try to follow the remedies, and take medical help to prevent these health issues.