Basics Of Rosin Press You Should Know

Technological innovation and advancement have given birth to many tools and equipment that one can use for a specific purpose. Such is the case with rosin presses. For people unaware of this term, a rosin press is primarily used as a pair for pressing a cannabis material with enough pressure. It is used for compressing cannabis mat materials such as hash, kief, or buds. 

The result of the compression is an oily form known as resin. The pair of compressors are made of heated plates. Rosin presses gained popularity due to their solventless and easy extraction process. You should check out LeDab Rosin presses in case you want to get started with one. This article covers the basics of the rosin press you should know before purchasing one. 

What is a rosin press?

The rosin press is a new innovative tool in the cannabis extraction industry. Such equipment has changed the way the industry and its operations related to extraction and concentration. 

Additionally, many tech consumers have stopped using traditional cannabis extraction tools for the rosin press. The main reason behind it is that a rosin press offers solventless effectiveness. 

A rosin press is mainly a cannabis extraction machine. The machine uses heat and pressure to divide or separate the cannabinoids and terpenes from raw plant material. Unlike traditional cannabis extracts, the rosin press does not need solvents to complete the operation of cannabis separation. 

Cannabis is extracted using the machine, and the resultant is known as rosin. Like traditional extracts such as wax or shatter, rosin is a highly concentrated form of cannabis. Depending on the temperature and pressure used in the machine, rosin can gain a waxy, viscous, glass-like consistency making it competitive and comparable to dabs available in the market without using solvents. 

What type of products can a rosin press create?

  • Flower rosin 

It is made with raw cannabis flowers or plants as the initial material. Such rosin likely has higher cannabis plant material. 

  • Hash rosin 

Hash rosin can be created using ice water hash or bubble hash. Hash rosin tends to be a purer product with less plant material left after the compression. 

  • Sift rosin 

Sift rosin is created by using a dry sift hash. Although they are not as pure as bubble hash rosin, it is more robust compared to flower rosin. More potent rosin is created by separating compounds from the plant material. 

Once you know the basics of the rosin press, you can narrow down your requirements and purposes and get started with a rosin press from LeDab Rosin presses. You should know that your rosin can resemble wax or shatter depending on the heat and pressure used.