Ask The Questions – Before You Hire An Auto Transport Company

It is essential to find the right vehicle transport company for a hassle-free move. A reputed company understands your requirement and provides the best services that meet your needs. Cross-state and country moves are stressful as people have to consider many factors, including uprooting family, transporting belongings, and more.

A reputed car hauling company like Ship a Car, Inc provides superior-quality transporting services in the U.S. at an affordable price.

Questions you have to ask a vehicle shipping company

In this article, you can know about a few questions and their answers that help you in finding a reliable company to move your car.

Is the vehicle shipping service registered and licensed?

The company you choose has to take your car from one point to the other, so it is essential to choose a licensed company. A vehicle moving company has to register with the US DOT (Department of Transportation). These companies will have a number, you can check this number to know about the information and reports related to the company. If they don’t provide you with the details, then it’s a red flag.

What is the cost?

While everyone prefers affordable services, it is important to keep in mind that price is not everything. If you choose to go with the cheapest option, you can find, you may come to realize that you get what you pay for. Instead, choose a company that offers high-quality services.

Does your quote incur everything?

Everyone likes surprises, but not in the case of hidden expenses and charges. It means you have to ensure that the company rates incur everything. Foggy quotes lead to a lot of hidden costs, so check with the company about the additional costs and penalties.

Is the vehicle insured?

Insurance is essential when transporting a vehicle. Make sure that what is covered or not in the shipping quote. A lot can happen during the transport of a vehicle, ensure that you are not responsible for the damages.

Can I have references to talk to?

Read the testimonials and online reviews. Ask the company about their prior customers, talk to them, and get honest reviews.

How to prepare a car for a move?

Before transporting the vehicle, you have to prepare it for transport like cleaning the car, removing personal items, and more. Also, check with the company for additional recommendations they have when moving a car.

What do you have to do during the pickup and delivery of a car?

Most companies will request that there should be someone (above 18 years) at the pickup and delivery locations. It is because of the keys collections, vehicle inspection, and to sign the papers. If you are busy with your work, take help from your friend, neighbor, or some other person whom you trust. Also, you should have documents like a photo ID, proof of insurance, and title.

Transporting a vehicle involves many things. Choosing a trustworthy company will help you in saving your time and money.

Many car transport companies offer premium-quality services. From those, choose the best one and get the quote today to move your car.