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And Here You Go! The Top Advanced Features Of Smart Blinds

Whether you are remodeling your old home or building smart blinds  a new one, energy efficiency is always your main concern. From insulation to location, the way you build a home can have a significant impact on energy. If you want to keep your indoor temperature comfortable throughout the year without employing active cooling or heating system, smart blinds are what you should consider as they help passively control your home’s temperature. These window coverings can efficiently control the heat loss and solar gain your house experiences every day simply by operating at preprogrammed timings.

With advancements in technology, smart blinds can open and close based on sunlight and temperature, maximizing the energy efficiency of your HVAC system.

Following are a few of the reasons to help you decide whether smart blinds are a perfect fit for your living space.

  • Convenience

Isn’t it great to control your window coverings simply via an app on a smartphone, a remote-control system, or just by pushing a button? Of course, it is! With smart blinds, you can bring this convenience to your lifestyles. No matter wherever you are, you can open and close your smart blinds whenever needed.

  • Smart Home Integration

Smart thermostats can smartly sense the room temperature and operate the smart blinds accordingly. For example, if it senses too cold in the room, it automatically opens the blinds instead of turning off air conditioning or does the reverse if a thermostat senses too much heat in the room.

  • Energy Savings

You can minimize the amount of energy your HVAC system uses by connecting your smart blinds to a smart home hub. This will allow your window coverings to open and close depending on the sunlight and temperature. Consequently, smart blinds will automatically close during the peak hours of the sun to reduce HVAC usage and open in the winter to let the sunlight in to heat a room naturally.

  • Insulation

Would you like to add significant insulation value to your windows? Smart blinds could be a wonderful solution as they can add an additional insulating layer to your windows.

  • Smart Lighting

Smart blinds can significantly reduce electricity usage when paired with smart lighting. For instance, closing the smart blinds can trigger the smart lighting to turn on, and vice versa. This could be the best way to save your monthly bills.

  • Safety

Cordless blinds are a major safety bonus for all parents. With smart window coverings, you won’t have to keep your little ones away from them as they come without cords, reducing the risk of several accidents.

  • Security

If you want to make your home looks occupied even if you are not inside to protect it from burglars, smart blinds could be the best solution. When connected with a smart home system, these blinds will open when the occupants enter a house and close when they leave.

This is what smart blinds can do for you! The only way to avail these benefits and bring convenience to your life is to opt for a good quality smart blind for your home!