An Oncologist Provides Optimal Cancer Care

You never thought that you would be diagnosed with cancer. You do all that you can to remain healthy and in good shape.  You follow a rigid regimen of routine physical activity, balancing meals and eating habits, getting the proper sleep, and living as an example in your community.  After all this, you go for your annual physical exam, and the general practitioner informs you that he suspects cancer.  This starts a myriad of tests and lab work.  Then, the diagnosis comes that you are positive for cancer. 

Your next step is to see an oncologist who will confirm the diagnosis, and manage your case throughout the upcoming journey. Through your dread, you go to the cancer doctor only to find that he is the most compassionate and caring stranger you have ever met.  Your oncologist Newport Beach-located, possesses unique cancer expertise. You find that your oncologist works with a medical team who is available for you when you need them.  The team helped explain that you have access to modern advances in chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and pain and symptom management.

An oncologist becomes your primary care physician when you have any type of cancer.  He, or she, will coordinate and manage your treatment plan.  Your medical team will usually include nurses, a dietitian, a pathologist, and your oncologist.  Depending on your type of cancer, the oncologist could be either a surgical specialist, a medical specialist, or a radiation specialist. Cancer continues to be one of the leading causes of death in the United States, but the survival rate is improving due to the advances in the detection of cancer, treatment, management, and care.  Your oncologist confirms the diagnosis, and explains the stage. Your oncologist makes you feel confident that you will be one of the millions of cancer survivors.