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Actions to Take When Movers Arrive

During cross-border moves like Canada to the USA, if you are not prepared with the necessary documents, your journey across the border will rapidly become problematic. There are various paperwork and procedures that must be finished before crossing the border and making the U.S. your home, regardless of whether you’re traveling there for your job or to be with your family. Hiring a reputable cross-border public mover to help with the move is also your best option for these kinds of cross-border moves.

Miracle Movers has a long history of successful services of cross-border moving services from Canada to USA as well as from the USA to Canada. They can manage these challenging and demanding relocations with professionalism, effectiveness, and ease. You can depend on their experienced team to make your overseas transfer go well when you hire their services.

The movers will not only finish all your moving-related activities for you, but moving day usually comes with a list of tasks. Although hiring a professional moving company will make the process of packing and moving much simpler, there are still many things you should do to make the moving day as simple as possible for everyone. Here are some things you should try to accomplish after the movers have finished their work and moved everything.

Provide Proper Parking Space

Check your HOA’s regulations to see if there are any specific restrictions on where a van may park. You need to bring up the issue with the managers if you live in an apartment. Wait outside for your movers so you can give them instructions if necessary. Even though you’ve previously given the company parking directions, it’s a good idea to give a hand and help them more.

What Your Movers Won’t Move: Pack it!

There are some things that even full-service moving companies cannot move for you. It is against the law for moving companies to load hazardous, combustible, or perishable items aboard their trucks. Put these items in a section marked “do not pack” and mark it with a sign if necessary so the movers will know to leave it alone. Load them into your vehicle while they take care of everything else.

Clear the Route

Make sure you walk the path your specialists can take from the van to all or any other exits from your house as well as your yard gate, front door, and garage door. Since they’ll be moving furniture or large appliances, they won’t always be able to see what’s ahead of them, so you should make sure these paths are safe and clear of hazards like children’s toys or hosepipes. If the trail is snowy, spread salt on it, and rake up any broken branches, leaves, or other debris.


It’s a nice gesture to provide some drinks to keep your movers fueled and hydrated while they are loading heavy boxes, moving couches along the hallway, and managing the steps while trying to avoid dropping your delicate items. Allow the crew to have lunch and recharge at midday.

When you keep these few things in mind, it becomes a lot easier for everyone to end the moving day smoothly. Thus, try your best to make it a smooth journey for movers as well as your family.