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8 Ideas to Remember While Decorating the Living Room

It is always so exciting to decorate your space all over again. It may have been a few good years since the last time you made any significant changes to your living room. The only way it is possible for you to start thinking about making changes in your living room is by ensuring you know exactly where to start. Your living room is an expression of who you are. It does not have to be anything fancy or over the top. It needs to be classy and should reflect your personality.

Your living room is the first space you walk into when you enter your home. Your family and friends will spend most of their time in the living room itself. This is why you need a modern and trendy but comfortable space for all. It most definitely needs to be inviting and family-friendly. It is a space that is open to all. This is how you need to know exactly how you can set up the perfect living room for your home.

Here are 8 ideas to remember while decorating the living room:

  • Opt for a neutral palette:

White, beige and other muted colours work best for every space. They are easy to buy and decrease furniture from. More importantly, the furnishings you add can be of very bright and attractive colours. This will ensure that you have a beautiful home that is practical and easy to manage. It is difficult to maintain a lot of furniture. A neutral background will give you a lot of breathing space, and a simple yellow chair can be a bright spot, instead of a red couch that ends up giving you a headache.

  • Add different chairs:

The biggest issue people face at dinner parties and house parties is that there is never enough space for people to sit. They are going to be in your home for a good three to four hours. They do not want to wait around for a chair to be available for them. When you add different kinds of chairs, that is not only fun but also space efficient. For example, a bean bag set is a lot of fun, does not take up a lot of space and can accommodate anyone. The latest bean bag sets are portable and do not need any kind of maintenance. You can easily find bean bags online in India as soon as you search for them.

  • Add good lighting:

Adding good lighting does not have to be as difficult as it sounds. You do not need to change anything that is fundamental, but you should clear up space for lamps. If you do not want to give up space on your tables for a lamp, you can always buy a floor-length lamp. They are not as bulky as they used to be. Most of them now are minimalistic and chic in their design. They will not take up a lot of space, and you will be able to make use of the rest of the space wisely. You can also add simple fairy lights across the curtains. That will give the room a warm and calming tone without any space being wasted.

  • Let the mirrors sparkle:

If you have a small space and a small window that allows limited light to come in, this is where mirrors are your best friends. The basic use of any mirror is to reflect light. So if you want to make the room seem bigger and more open, you can add a mirror on any one wall. It should be big and take up a lot of space on the wall. You can also add smaller mirrors in unique shapes like a hexagon and place them in it an orderly fashion.

  • Sunlight is your best friend:

You need to let in as much natural light as possible. More than making your house look pretty, it acts as an anti-microbial and anti-fungal remedy in homes. It is just not possible for us to have a positive home without natural sunlight coming in. You should keep the doors and windows open in the morning to ensure you are getting adequate freshness into the house.

  • Draw the curtains:

Every home needs a good pair of curtains. While they provide your living room with a lively look, they are also very functional in nature. They provide you with protection from direct sunlight and dust. You just cannot live in a room without curtains anymore. Even when they have become such a necessity, they do come with their own set of designs, textures and looks. You have complete freedom to choose what kind of curtains you want. However, this decision is guided by what is already available in your home. Curtains are a great way to make your living room look lively and complete. Nothing should look out of place, and curtains ensure that.

  • Pull out the ottomans:

Ottoman stools come in such a variety that they allow your living room space to become whole again. It is possible that you found a great table but the chairs were not going with them. More importantly, you may not have a lot of space to accommodate an entirely new table and chairs. This is why ottoman stools have become so popular. They give you ample textures and fabrics to work with so that they end up suiting every house.

  • Pouf seat:

When you look at different chairs for your home, you are bound to come across pouf stools and chairs. However, they are so much more than a simple stool at the side of your living room. They, too, come with a lot of diversity and utility. One of the biggest issues that most Indian homes have is the lack of space and storage. This is where storage ottomans come into the picture. They are a perfect size, and extra space never hurts anyone.


These are some of the ideas which can be easily implemented to liven up your living room. Also, as a habit, one should keep experimenting with the interiors just to break the monotony and infuse a blend of novelty.