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6 Amazing Tools Every DIYer Should Own 

A pro-DIYer knows that you can’t get a smooth, professional finish on your walls if you don’t own the right painting tools. It’s no secret that even if you use high-quality paints but use cheap painting tools, you can’t get evenly painted walls. You must invest in good quality and smart painting equipment, that will help you paint better and faster.

Are you painting your home on your own for the first time? Are you clueless about which painting tools to buy for your painting project? Fret, not, we are here to ease your worries and recommend you 6 amazing tools which pro DIYers and professional painters swear by.

  1. Adjustable extension pole 

If you are using a paint roller without an extension pole, then buy one right away. Investing in an adjustable pole that can instantly transform from a 5-inch pole to a 30-inch pole will take your painting game to next level. Only after trying it, you will realise how useful it is to own a better and longer extension pole. You can adjust your pole to the perfect length of your choice and easily reach the nooks and crannies of your home without much effort with this extension pole.

  1. Petite brush 

Do you feel that your giant brush isn’t reaching the tight spots of your home? That is where petite angular painting brushes come into the picture. Add a short handle painting brush to your essential painting tools list today. It will help you paint the tight spots of your home with ease and without much effort. These brushes are also great to paint the trims of doors and windows without going out of the borders.

  1. Sticky drop cloth 

It’s no secret that if you don’t use a drop cloth to cover your furniture or your floors, then you will have to spend hours after your painting work to clean the paint drips on the floor. Do you have a complaint that your regular drop cloth slips easily from the surface and does a poor job of protecting your floors?

Sticky drop cloths have a slightly sticky surface which doesn’t let them slip from the wooden, tile or concrete surface.

  1. Paint touch-up pen 

What do you do when you realise after the paint on the wall has dried that you have missed a spot? Wouldn’t it be daunting for you to buy the exact shade again?

That is where a paint touches up pen comes into the picture. After you are done painting a room, just fill the paint touch-up pen with the matching paint and store it. Whenever you feel that a certain wall needs a touch-up, just shake the pen and use it.

Note that paint touch-up pens are slightly on the expensive side however the cost of this painting tool is justified if you take into consideration the convenience of using them.

  1. High-capacity roller

Are you tired of making multiple trips to the paint tray? If yes, then you must right away invest in a high-capacity roller. These rollers keep more paint in the nap, reducing the number of times you stop your painting work to dip your roller in the paint can and the chances of paint drips.

  1. Sturdy painting ladder 

A pro painter knows the true importance of a sturdy ladder. A painting ladder makes it easy for you to use your paintbrush or roller and reach the high areas of your home. Invest in a high-quality giant ladder that is sturdy enough and won’t let you fall off while you are trying to paint your ceiling. A useful tip is to buy a portable all-purpose ladder that you can easily store in your storeroom.

So, which of these unique tools are you most excited to add to your DIY painting tool kit? Looking for a place to buy premium quality paints and painting equipment for your next painting project? Head over to the Asian Paints website right away and go crazy shopping for exciting paints and modern painting equipments at the best price ever.

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