5 Nose Problems To Be Solved By Enhancing Physiognomy

Facial physiognomy deals with five essential sports: our eyes, nose, mouth, ears and forehead. The nose is the asset of the face; in a perfect nose, the ends must be round and thick. Physiognomy is the facial appearance of a person. People follow cosmetic surgery to improve changes to physiognomy to look more beautiful. Nose surgery for physiognomy (เสริม จมูก โหง เฮ้ , which is the term in Thai) makes your nose appropriate and suits the facial shape.

Cosmetic Nose Problems That Surgery Can Fix

  • Dorsal Hump

The dorsum is the nose’s middle section, from the nose’s tip to the root( nose end portion that unites with the forehead). Some people have a bump on the dorsum; it is called a dorsal hump.

Rhinoplasty will flatten the bump and make a smooth and straight profile line.

  • Broad Nasal Bridge (Oversized) Nose

People whose noses are too wide for their faces can feel unusual. The doctor can correct the imbalances in the nose size with cosmetic surgery by restructuring the bone and cartilage of the nose.

Nose surgery for physiognomy can change the size of the nose.

  • Droopy Or Bulbous Tip Nose

Bulbous Tip, the tip of the nose is round; at the same time, a droopy tip means the tip of the nose and downwards. The nose is the most prominent part and enhances the beauty of an individual. So if you want to correct it, cosmetic rhinoplasty can help you.

  • Flat Nose

When the middle part of the nose is undefined, it seems like the nose has faded into the face. A slight gap between the cheek and the nose is left.

A well-structured bridge appears to be more beautiful and visible. Nasal bone reshaping, implants, and cartilage grafting are a few techniques to fix the problem.

  • Slanted Nose

A slanted nose is also called a crooked nose bridge. When the nose does not trail straight, it hinges down the centre of the face. A slanting nose can happen due to nasal injury, and Rhinoplasty can repair it. 

Final Takeaway

Rhinoplasty is one of the top cosmetic surgery all over the world. Cosmetic surgery can correct a wide array of nasal problems. Physiognomy has hitched in the past few years with cosmetic surgery. A few examples are Lip surgery- Horn chestnut, Nose surgery for physiognomy – Augmentation. People should consult with a specialist for reliable information.