5 Instagram Reels Ideas to Grow your Business

Instagram is a leading social media platform with millions of users from every corner of the world. The platform lets you connect with people from other extremes of the globe. Since the lockdown, many entrepreneurs have been using the platform to grow their businesses and reap profits. There are also business heads that have initiated their journey on Instagram and have developed into setting up stand-alone stores. Tonnes of product variants have come to the social media platform to find their customers. 

Businesses have found their success tricks by using various ancillary features offered by Instagram. One such element of Instagram is the Instagram reels that allow users to record short videos.


What are Instagram Reels?

Instagram reels were introduced in 2020 as an ancillary feature that allows the user to record videos for a time limit of 60 seconds. The user can make short videos that may either entertain or promote your brand. Be it to establish yourself as an influencer or to become an entrepreneur, you can efficiently make use of Instagram reels. 


5 Ideas To Grow Your Business Using Reels

  • Talk about yourself first

People are usually interested in knowing about the person who is running the business before they actually in the product. A basic level of knowledge is sufficing and it will satisfy the expectations of the customers. A sense of trust and loyalty is created when the person running the business appears in the reel and talks about it. Another good trick that can be followed to get established is to show the estate where the products are manufactured and also the services that go into it. Since all the conversations and transactions are done without being present in person, such reels will help the customers to invest in the product confidently. 

  • Highlight the product features

If you are looking to launch your product on Instagram, it is highly recommended to talk about the product features in the reels. A complete explanation is impossible in the reels but a basic and quick explanation of the vital and unique features can be done in the reel. This will captivate the attention of the viewers and will want them to learn more about the product. Make sure to make the introductory product reel with a lot of interesting elements as this will pave the way for attention among the customers. 

  • Add music, captions, and hashtags

Trending sounds can easily make your reel an instant hit. Make use of the sounds in the background and talk about your brand and products. Viewers may come across your reel when they are looking for videos with trending music. Adding captions to the videos is another good trick to make your product reach customers from all geographical locations. Few viewers may not be familiar with the language or with your accents. It is always advisable to enclose captions on your reels. Hashtags have the power to take your reel to another level. Use effective hashtags when you post reels. General hashtags can be used to an extent but overusing them may spoil the actual purpose. Ensure to write related hashtags for viewers to find you quickly.

  • Stay consistent

Always maintain the habit of consistency in posting reels because viewers look up to consistent profiles. You can easily get established in the minds of your followers if you show up on their feeds regularly. There are chances of your business updates getting lost in the sea of profiles if you are not frequently in touch with the users. A useful tip to maintain consistency is to keep a calendar that can be used as a reminder of your updates. This will help you maintain the graph and buy real Instagram reels views.

  • Share customer testimonials

Customers are valuable people who can help grow your business. Request their true reviews about your products and services. You can compile them as a reel and post them on your feed occasionally. This will help your followers and to-be clients to understand your level of service. You can also request customers to share the video of package openings and also their usage which will buy Instagram tv likes. Posting it on your feed will earn your extra credits. 


Instagram is used by thousands of businesses to promote their products and lay a strong foundation. Reels are one of the effective ways to reach people as they can be made equally interesting and informative. Make use of the tips shared by our expert team and grow your business effectively. Hope our article has served its purpose.