Weight loss

5 Best Daily Exercises to Lose Weight

Losing weight is something that is always on everyone’s mind. It even seems that, in some way, it is programed in our brains, but that does not come with an instruction manual. To achieve it, it is necessary to do a series of tests and mistakes, and experiment with different exercises, routines and diets until you find the right one.

There’s no question that exercise helps you lose weight and maintain overall good health. But even when that’s true, there are always people who say they’re doing everything right and can’t see results as fast as they’d like, leading to frustration and many quitting before they reach the finish line.

What is the problem? It’s not about sweating like never before in the gym, or at least it’s not just about that. The mistake is in performing exercises that are not as efficient and that require more work to achieve the same results and help lose weight.

All the experts say that losing weight too fast is not the healthiest or most sustainable (that’s why you shouldn’t follow the extreme diets that have you eating two almonds and three dry and tasteless lettuce). They also say there are a few things you can do to safely speed up the process, and that’s sticking to a smarter exercise routine (like the no-equipment prison workout) to burn fat, gain muscle, and achieve weight loss (and don’t lose muscle instead of fat).

What are those exercises that you should be doing in your routine with training?

You do not need to do thousands of tests and see how each different exercise affects your body, fitness experts have already done it, and there are a few exercises that are on the list of the most effective to lose weight quickly and safely.

One type of routine for fat loss is the full-body, where we train all muscle groups in the same session.

Keeping your figure and health in optimal condition does not have to be boring or hard, but we know that not everyone finds it equally bearable to continue in the gym or maintain a training routine. For this reason, we have compiled the 5 best exercises to lose weight.

It is a series of basic or multi-joint exercises that will involve a large muscle mass and, therefore, will require greater energy expenditure resulting in more fat loss. Take note!



Squats are a classic exercise to lose weight, but it is important not to do them in a crazy way to avoid injuries. It is very important to take care of the posture of our back, which must remain as straight as possible, avoiding arching in the lower back and dorsal area.



Strides are another great exercise to lose those kilos that we have taken on during the holidays. It is great to complement it with squats since, in addition to being a strength exercise, it helps us to work and improve our balance. If we want to add a bit of difficulty, we can choose to hold some weight in our hands, which will force us to do more core work that will help us lose weight.


Abdominal Plank

The abdominal plank allows us to work our core globally and completely, being a great ally if we want to lose weight and lose a little belly. As with the strides, we can add a bit of difficulty, for example, with an abdominal wheel, which can be purchased at any sports store and will help us level up our training.



This exercise works both the upper and lower body, being ideal for working our cardiovascular resistance. With only ten repetitions of this exercise, we would be doing the same exercise as if we were making a 30-second sprint. The result: we burn a lot of fat and calories.


Mountain Climbers

The movement of the climber is ideal for activating our entire body. Interspersing this movement with jumps, burpees, and pull-ups, we will achieve the desired effect in a very short time. It is also a perfect exercise to avoid getting bored since we can vary it to add dynamism and difficulty. Visit weightlosscentersofnashville.com for more weight loss tips.