4 Reasons Why Kids Should Start Aikido Training

It isn’t a surprise that parents would only seek the best for their children regarding education, lifestyle, and extra-curricular activities. And these days, many parents are turning their attention to introducing and helping their kids learn martial arts. There are various martial arts to choose from, that’s certain. However, aikido stands out more, and for good reasons too!

Are you among the many loving, caring, and doting parents eager for your child to learn and master martial arts? But why should they go through aikido lessons? What benefits does it offer your youngster? If you’re curious, it’s time to uncover the four reasons why kids should start aikido training right now!

Kids become healthier with training.

Some children are already active and energised. While others prefer to be steady and sit around rather than work up a sweat and be engaged.

Your children’s stored energies are released when they begin learning aikido. They develop their physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. Additionally, the training increases their general strength, flexibility, and ability to maintain good health and fitness.

Children develop better strategies to resolve conflicts.

It is a fact that bullying has become an extremely distressing issue with children in these times. Because they’re provoked, whether they fight back or not, they often find themselves in uncomfortable situations. 

Aikido is a non-aggressive martial art practice. It does not encourage violence or fighting. What it offers to your child is to benefit from the numerous personal self-defence technique as a result of their training. 

They are taught to engage in and peacefully resolve conflicts. The conflict is not avoided but instead confronted with their entire being. The children learn to fully reconcile with their adversaries to the moment when conflict is no longer present.

Aikido builds their character further.

Self-control and discipline are emphasised in aikido. The kids will learn to be more persistent and patient through the training. There is no scarcity of trial – and – error, which fosters humility and self-assurance as one overcomes challenging obstacles. The aikido training assists the children in a purposeful progression over time resulting in children acquiring integrity and moral fortitude.

The character-building exercise in which they’ll acquire knowledge in class doesn’t only apply to their peers and teachers. In truth, they bring positive attitudes into their daily lives and interact with their friends, family, and the community. 

Kids become motivated to reach their goals. 

Instant gratification has become a significant factor for today’s generation. As a result, when children don’t always get what they want, they perceive it as a means to stop pursuing their goals. But the truth is, nothing worth having comes easily. It’s a lesson that many children must learn and understand to face adversities and become responsible adults in the future. 

With the aikido training, kids will have a structured method of progression. They’ll work hard to accomplish their goals and develop an appreciation for the labour of love. They’ll become goal-setters and achievers who esteem individual inspiration and autonomy. 

As much as you desire to protect your youngster every step of the way, it is not possible. Thus, getting them into aikido is practical and wiser, which helps them become independent and improves the body, mind, and spirit.

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