4 basic baking methods


Baking is a therapeutic, stress buster, and soothing hobby which helps you to focus and improve your creativity But as beginners baking can be a little stressful because identifying the ingredients, and recipes are a little different compared to other sites, finding the right dessert to bake and the main reason is fear of failure that this cake or dessert might not be up to to the youtube channel you watched, yes baking is definitely difficult for beginners but do not worry here are four basic tips to begin your baking life. You might also be interested to check the bakery courses in delhi


It is a baking technique that helps to combine dry or wet ingredients.

There are 3 ways ways of whisking

  1. Side whisking: Using your hand, side whisking entails moving your arm from side to side. The most efficient method is to whisk from side to side because it creates force.
  1. Circular whisking: To use this technique, loop your whisk with your dominant hand in a circular motion. It is considered A helpful technique.
  1. Beating: To beat, you must whisk over the liquid to raise it from the basin. Using this technique, egg whites are successfully whipped together and make the cake fluffy.

How to Whip Correctly

  • Use just your wrist, not your whole arm.
  • With your whisk, make the number 80.
  • The most effective whisking technique is side whisking

Advantages of whisking

  • egg whites are aerated properly
  • Helps to make yummy whipping cream in no minute
  • It helps in blending liquids and fats
  • Compared to a wooden spoon, a whisk can assist spread ingredients more rapidly, especially dry ingredients.


Perfect cakes and biscuits require the proper use of the creaming procedure.

The creaming method is mixing butter and sugar and they are combined using this approach and mixed until the mixture gets light and fluffy. The dry ingredients can then be added after the eggs, one at a time.This is most frequently seen in cookie and cake dishes.

how to cream properly?

  • Using softened butter is the key ingredient for a perfect creaming.
  • use a hand mixer or a stand mixer for the perfect cream
  • you should mix it properly so that the sugar shouldn’t be visible.


Melting butter and chocolate for various recipes is one of the enjoyable methods to use. They melt because doing so helps the ingredients combine smoothly and gives the cake fluff.

how to melt properly?

  • let the butter and chocolate at room temperature before melting
  • don’t directly keep the ingredients on the stove, place the water filled bowl down, and then melt.
  • Oven melting is considered as the best because it will mix the ingredients propositionally.

 Rubbing in

The fat, typically butter, is what makes this method work. To get sand or breadcrumb-like texture, combine the flour and butter with your fingers. Crumbles, shortcrust pastries, and scones are frequently made using this method.


The majority of baking recipes include these four techniques, which are actually simple to learn and will enhance the flavor and delicacy of your cake.