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Peace Love World reveals Mother's Day line of clothing – WSVN 7News | Miami News, Weather, Sports | Fort Lauderdale

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We’re all about good vibes, especially in 2021, especially with Mother’s Day coming up, and you know what a lot of moms can’t get enough of? Positive affirmations, so if you’re shopping for an awesome Mother’s Day gift, a popular 305-based company says mom’s the word.

Progressive Insurance makes fun of them, but a lot of people, like Lynn, swear by them, literally.

Lynn Martinez: “Hey, can I have some bleepin’ privacy?! I’m trying to read my daily affirmation!”

So why not wear ’em?!

South Florida-based lifestyle brand Peace Love World is looking to spread the love this mother’s day.

Alina Villasante, founder, Peace Love World: “Every piece that we make is a way to uplift you as a mom. They’re great giftables because you’re basically sending a Hallmark card in a piece of apparel to somebody.”

And Peace Love World founder Alina Villasante says her apparel is all about positivity.

Alina Villasante: “Positivity is always at the right place at the right time because we all need it at some point of our life.”

Her designs have positive affirmations on them, however small some of them may be. This is fashion with a message.

Alina Villasante: “I want everybody to have the opportunity to get up in the morning and have the best day ever.”

You can feel like a force of Mother Nature in these special Mother’s Day tops.

Alina Villasante: “We came with strong mama, happy mama, loved mama, whatever mama you wanna be.”

And the Person Behind Me collection even sends good vibes to, well, the person behind you!

Alina Villasante: “You’re walking and you’re actually communicating with people without really knowing it.”

But, we do know this: the outfits are super accessible.

Alina Villasante: “It’s very easy. It’s very flowy. It’s for the everyday woman. You can be loungy and sweatpants and a beautiful sweatshirt with the tye dyes, or you can dress it up with a pair of jeans.”

Mother’s Day is all about giving the gift of love.

Peace Love World hopes to make it easy.

Alina Villasante: “Peace Love World has always been a huge gifting brand, and it’s because you’re sending somebody love. You’re sending them an emotion.”


Peace Love World
7841 NW 56th St.
Doral, FL 33166

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